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brunhoca 09-06-2011 09:45 AM

Lisfranc Injury - Post Surgery
I fell - only missed the last step in the basement. Power was off and my hands were full.
Right foot - broke my 5th metatarsal - displaced fracture - not a Jones fracture. Has been in a boot for the past 7-8 weeks and it has heeled pretty nicely. No surgery. Somewhat tender after being on it for the day - full WB in a tennis shoe. OS was happy with how it has healed - I was surprise as it still has jagged edge where is is healing.

Left Foot - Lisfranc injury - torn ligament and fractures within - found on CT of feet. Had surgery 7-18-11, OS placed 5 screws in foot. Wore cast for 3 weeks post surgery - NWB. On 9-1-11 Xrays taken of both feet. Left foot is looking good, no motion around the screws (no halo-ing). OS still recommends NWB until 12 weeks post surgery.

For what I have researched online, some say 6 weeks post surgery for WBing. Any thoughts? I have started to put weight on it when wearing the boot as crutches are driving me crazy. Feels OK. Somewhat nervous as I don't want to damage what he has fixed!

The other concern is that the OS has no plan of removing my screws at any point. He says that there will be enough motion in my foot - not to be concerned. Everything I have read - says to remove the screws. Would be nice to know that others still have their screws in place without issues.

I am - pretty active and would like to get back on my feet without pain - walking and jogging are my goal! We also dairy farm and would like to get back out there helping without re-injuring myself.

Any advice - feedback would be great - thanks!

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