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Jbrown12345 05-29-2012 12:26 PM

Toe problems - odd shapes
So recently after a trip to florida, where I spent a lot of time on the beach, i received a lot of comments in regards to my toes and the shape of them! And how odd they looked. Never really thought about them but now I'm a bit paranoid in case something might need done about them.
I had surgery on my baby toe (right foot) a lot of years ago to have a bone removed in order to straighten it out as it was out of shape and giving me bother.
I do get pain from time to time in my toes and they rub against each other a lot causing cuts and discomfort. Want to get this checked asap in case it will affect me in the future so would rather get it sorted sooner rather than later.
Any thoughts much appreciated.
Some photos above if you copy and paste link, don't be too grossed out!


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