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velvetrain 05-31-2012 02:50 PM

Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
Anyone else suffering with this condition? I was doing fine with no pain up until 3 months ago in which I started having lateral ankle pain. I have seen a podiatrist and orthopedic foot surgeon who seem to think the pain is coming from peroneal tendons. The area of the tendon transfer is fine. No pain issues and has healed nicely. I'm just growing wearing of foot pain on a consistent basis now. It just never seems to end with new problems cropping up. I swear the tendon is torn now but it';s a battle to get my M.D to write an order for an MRI.

Missyluke 05-31-2012 03:19 PM

Re: Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
I sprained my ankle (same foot as surgery) just shy of a year from surgery. Ended up with a tear in the peroneal tendon and had surgery to repair the tendon in November 2011. This foot is still not right, now the doctor thinks there is a problem with the joint. I have a prescription compounding cream I have to apply to deal with the pain. I was instructed not to come back unless the cream stops working.

velvetrain 05-31-2012 04:04 PM

Re: Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
Ugh you poor dear. Are you able to walk with at least limited pain? I'm just afraid I may be in for more surgery before the year is out. I;m back in this darn boot again.

Missyluke 05-31-2012 04:10 PM

Re: Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
Do you know exactly what is wrong with the tendon? My surgeon tried all conservative methods prior to surgery. Actually, the results of the MRI did not show the tear but all symptoms were consistent with a tear.

velvetrain 05-31-2012 04:14 PM

Re: Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
He thinks it's tendonitis. The podiatrist told me they are probably getting stretched out too much. The ortho said it's inflammation because the tendons are still weak on that side. I;m on a 7 day steroid pack to reduce inflammation. Not sure if this like a steroid injection or not. All I know is it's starting to feel just as bad as when I had those posterior tib tears.

Missyluke 05-31-2012 04:38 PM

Re: Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
I know, I know - that's one of the diagnosis I had - tendonitis. It just kept going on and on. I was in the boot, brace (which I still have to wear), and the doc gave me a Lidocaine/cortisone shot for diagnosis purposes. It gave me so much relief that he was sure that is where the problem was. It initially was just going to do a debridement of the tendon and sheath and that is when he found the tear. I think, just like the pttd, they have to take certain steps to rule out/confirm what the problem is.

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