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ljt77 06-07-2012 07:08 AM

3 weeks plus one day post PTTD - splint off, stitches out!
Today marks three weeks plus one day from my surgery. Yesterday I went to have my splint removed and now I am in a boot. I had x-rays and got the stitches out, which was extremely painful!! I was sweating and swearing up a storm!!

I am in the boot now, and my doctor basically said I can take it off whenever I am not moving around much. It feels so different from the splint, and it will take some time for my body to adjust to the lower weight and height of the boot. NWB still for 5 weeks though I can rest the foot on the floor when in the boot if I need to for balance as long as I don't shift my center of gravity on to it at all.

As much as I hated the splint and couldn't wait to get it off, losing the protection is a little scary. I put an air cast on last night to sleep in (doc said I could if it was making me nervous without it) but I ended up taking it off in the middle of the night.

My incisions look good, a little dried blood and bruising still but healing. All in all I would say my heel is the most painful, not surprisingly. Being able to take the boot off helps with that.

It felt so amazing this morning to wash and shave my leg, though the shower pretty much sapped my energy already.

This is quite a journey...

planemark 06-07-2012 10:54 AM

Re: 3 weeks plus one day post PTTD - splint off, stitches out!
Congratulations on getting the splint off and stitches removed! I think you summed it up in that this is quite a journey, and the entire process is like a roller coaster ride. I'm sorry that the removal of the stitches was so painful, but at least that part is over. I was really dreading that part and took a couple of Norco before I went to the Dr for that.
The heel pain is something that will probably bug you for quite a while. Not sure if you got to see your X-rays, but those screws are quite long that they use to secure the osteotomy. No wonder they hurt so much. That has been the main part of my pain as well, and more so now that I am PWB with crutches.
You are in a phase of recovery now where all you can do is take it easy and rest. Listen to your Dr advice and don't be tempted to put any weight on your foot as it heals for the next few weeks. You will be PWB and in PT before you know it.
It is really cool that you were put in a boot so early. I had a cast for 7 weeks, and I think that is the norm. Do you have to wear the boot to bed? I an 3 months post op yesterday, and they still want me to wear the boot to bed. It is kind of akward but I have gotten used to it.

ljt77 06-07-2012 11:52 AM

Re: 3 weeks plus one day post PTTD - splint off, stitches out!
I was a little surprised to not get a cast and go right into the boot. I didn't wear it to sleep in last night and I am taking it off here and there during the day to give my heel a break. It was a little scary without it on last night, especially when I had to use the bathroom in the night. I am used to having the big splint on to haul and to put on the floor for balance. With just my foot (wrapped in an ace bandage for a little protection) I felt nervous about losing my balance. I did OK though.

This seems to be my doc's regular protocol. I can't say I am bummed about no cast! As bulky as the boot is, being able to feel air on my foot is worth it.

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