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CrochetAddict 06-17-2012 09:13 PM

pins in toes, ? about bearing too much weight and bending them :/
Hi everyone, I have been reading this board like CRAZY since I had surgery 4 weeks ago. I have found it to have a wealth of information and I really appreciate all of you! :cool:

I have a question though. I got my postop splint off 10 days out from surgery. I was put in a fiberglass cast from my knee down past my toes. I had a bunion corrected (plate and 2 screws in there permanently) and pins put in all 4 of my other toes for correction of my hammertoes. I have RA and was dx at age 5--30 years later now having the first of my RA related surgeries.

Anyway... yes I did have a question! I got the fiberglass cast on and was told I could use my heel. To balance, pivot on, etc. I wouldn't say I've put my full weight on it, but I have put a decent amount on it. So, about a week and a half of using it several times a day I went back to the ortho to get a new cast (old one was squeezing my little toe, hurting it, keeping me awake at night). I asked the cast tech if she was going to build my heel up like the old cast so I could use it like I had been. She told me no and that I am only to do heel taps! So, I had been putting weight on it in error, apparently. I think my surgeon okayed the use of it when I got the first cast, but I did not see her the day I got the replacement.

I'm having these weird sensations now and paranoid I've messed something up. I have never walked on my whole foot, only the heel... but it feels like I can feel *something* extending from my toes through the bottom of my foot. I know my pins are in pretty far because my toes were fixed and unable to be straightened at all prior to surgery.

Did I possibly bend the pins? How easy or hard is it to bend them? I am not using my heel now and praying in 2 weeks when the pins come out it won't be awful! :(

CrochetAddict 06-19-2012 07:16 PM

Re: pins in toes, ? about bearing too much weight and bending them :/
no one? :(

janewhite1 06-19-2012 08:59 PM

Re: pins in toes, ? about bearing too much weight and bending them :/
Some doctors allow you to actually walk on your heel immediately after bunion surgery, others want you to stay off the foot entirely for several weeks. I would call the surgeon's office during business hours and ask for clearer instructions.

I doubt you've done major damage, although it might have delayed healing a little bit.

And it's amazing how often surgeons don't explain well. Sometimes I want to yell: HEY SURGEONS, you are dealing with people who do not speak medicalese and just had general anesthesia. Put it in writing, and use small words please!

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