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SoccerLg00 06-17-2012 09:19 PM

Sprained ankle 11 weeks ago....
So I'm a soccer player and 11 weeks ago at practice I shot the ball and came down landing full weight on my right ankle inverted. There was immediate swelling, extreme pain, and inability to walk. First I attempted to play through it through the week this became impossible and was revered to the doctor by my schools trainer. X rays were taken and nothing showed up the the doctor put me in a boot for three weeks because he said I had some " interesting bruiseing" by now my foot was purple three or four days out. I had a huge game at the end of that week and three weeks in a boot seemed ridiculous so I was referred to another doctor who said you shouldn't play but can if you really want to, as long as you go to PT. from then I went to PT for the next 7 weeks hardly any improvement and have recently stopped going and am playing agin. My ankle is still swollen, there's still a dull constant pain and with activity pain is elevated. At first there was general ankle pain, but since about week 7 the pain is localized, behind my ankle on the outside. It gets worse when pointing my foot down or out. Basically my question is, is this normal? Should I got back to the doctor? Any ideas on what this could be? I've been doing research on Peroneal tendon because that's where my pain is any chance it could be that?

Hollywood48 06-18-2012 02:59 AM

Re: Sprained ankle 11 weeks ago....
Yes definitely go back to the doctor. Is your current doctor a foot /ankle OS? If not, you need to make an appt with a foot/ankle OS (not a general one). It does sound like your peroneal tendons which are injured usually during a traumatic twisting injury you described. I just had my peroneal tendon tear repaired along with a bunch of other stuff this past Feb. A lot of times peroneal tendon injuries are often missed or misdiagnosed as an ankle sprain and while they typically tear during ankle sprains, they are a separate injury. Please go back and gt it checked out so you don't further injure it! Good luck and let me know what the doctor says!

loki2012 06-18-2012 03:09 AM

Re: Sprained ankle 11 weeks ago....
GO TO AN ORTHOPEDIC, I sprained my ankle the same way and after five months of being in pain they finally figured out that I have serious damage to my ligaments and bones and I need recontructive surgery to fix my ankle. STOP PLAYING SOCCOR NOW and go see a specialist!!

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