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Janesfoot 07-07-2012 05:00 AM

Bunion Deja Vu
I have started the countdown to bunion surgery. The surgery will be on Friday the 13th, and luckily I'm not superstitious. As hinted in the title of this thread, this is my second time around for bunion surgery. This first surgery was in 2008 on the right foot and involved an Austin on the 1st met and a reverse Austin on the fifth met, aka Tailor bunionectomy. My doctor used temporary pins which were removed after four weeks. That doctor retired in May and my new doctor will do the same procedure on my left foot, but will use screws instead. While I look forward to not having the pins (I suspect the pins caused most of the nerve related pain!), having screws makes me a bit nervous. The other difference for this surgery will be shaving the big toe joint due to arthritis caused by the misalignment from the bunion. I look forward to commiserating with my fellow "footies", and hope we all have an uneventful recovery!

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