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ketaylor1980 09-06-2012 06:24 AM

OATS with Allograft One Year Later
Last March I had OATs with an allograft (donnor tissue) on my left ankle along with a tibial osteotomy so the cartlidge could be accessed. The surgery went fine and so did my recovery period. PT helped a lot when it came to range of motion. However, being out of commision for so long did a number on my weight. At 5'3 I filled out to almost 200lbs, knowing that the extra weight wasn't doing anything to help with my joints or my over all health I started working on loosing the weight in November once I knew I was healed from the surgery.

It is now September and I have lost over 70lbs which is fantastic however now the pain in my ankle is coming back. My workouts are low to little impact so I'm not sure what has caused this. The pain started about three weeks ago as a bruised type pain in my heel on the outside just below the ankle joint. I call it a bruised pain because it is tender to the touch like a bruise but I also feel the pain when I am walking. Then this morning the exact same pain came back that I had before surgery. This is right on top of my ankle joint on the inside (this is also where I have two screws from the surgery). I don't have the locking of the joint like before but I'm afraid it is going to start soon.

So my question is to any of you who have a had this surgery. Does this sound like an issue with the allograft? I'm working very hard on my fitness and I don't want to have to go backwards with that if I have to have another surgery. The doctor said that the next one would be a fusion and I don't want that. Any help would be appreciated.


sealz 01-10-2013 06:36 PM

Re: OATS with Allograft One Year Later
Hi, I'm just wondering what happened with your ankle? I had an OCD lesion and ligament reconstruction in May 2011. Now have to have OATS. Not happy about this. Just back here looking for more info. Thanks.

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