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LadyKanner 09-26-2012 08:37 PM

Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
I had a subtalar fusion, t/n fusion, and achilles lengthening. Shortly after surgery I started getting some pain in my lowest big toe joint. It is not excruciating or anything. More so just annoying. I find that if I use my hand and stretch it, it pops then feels better but I am having to do this like 10+ times a day. I am currently wearing a Camwalker boot but am NWB. Have any of you experienced this? I didn't have any work done in that area so I am not sure why it is doing that. I appreciate any feedback you may have!!

jlynn66 09-27-2012 01:56 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Hi...what we all have to remember after surgery (and especially while we are still in cast/boots) our weight is being distributed differently and we are now hitting different pressure points. I understand you're nwb but there is still weight/pressure just in how you set/rest your foot. I can remember asking the doctor or the pt why this spot on my foot or that spot. I mean the next joint would have made sense as I can acknowledge that it's taking more pressure after the fusion, but the whole top of my foot??? Chances are when you start weight bearing or transition out of the boot, that pang will go away. But it will likely be replaced with something least for now...eventually...hopefully it all gets better. Luckily for you it sounds like this current pang is something you can relieve. Good luck:)

prico54 09-27-2012 08:38 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Lady k, first off good morning how is it going today? When I went for my two week post op appt I asked the assistant to go over exactly what was done. He told me that when they did the tendon transfer they pulled a tendon down from my big toe to replace the dead one. I had no idea that my big toe was involved at all. I did have a strange feeling when I flexed my toes but wasnt sure why. Well that did ecplain it. I think sometimes if you dont ask for specifics you only get part of the story.

LadyKanner 09-27-2012 10:46 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
I didn't have quite the same procedure. I had subtalar fusion, talonavicular fusion, and achilles lengthening. No tendon transfers or anything like that for me. Everything I had done was in the hind foot. I think it is just from being immobile. Just annoying more than anything.

Hollywood48 09-29-2012 11:35 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Hi! I experienced something like this after my surgery in Feb. I had a Brostrom, peroneal tendon repair, and osteotomy for groove deepening. My big toe was stiff and would pop or need popping before I was weight bearing too. As I was going through PT and transitioning to weight bearing, it became painful to bend when walking. Wound up being diagnosed with tendinitis in it. Doc said it would take 6 wks to heal if I was careful with it. For the most part it is better, but I've stayed busy so it flares up sometimes. Hope that helps and I hope yours gets better!

LadyKanner 09-29-2012 11:40 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Thanks Hollywood! Good to know I am not losing my mind! I had a totally different procedure but I am sure that it is just from being restricted and not used for so long. How are things going for you now?

Hollywood48 09-29-2012 11:59 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
No problem! Glad I could help! It probably is from you being restricted honestly. I had a purple cast too! Love yours with tiger or zebra stripes! I can't tell exactly, but I love it! Was it one of those cast stickers? I had a purple cast with pink cuffs (so pink where the cast started below my toes and and pink where the cast started just below my knee). Then I put my monogram on it in pink! So cute! How did you get your cast pic uploaded as your profile pic?

As for now, I'm doing really well. This is my 2nd surgery. First was 11years ago. I got out of my cast and into my boot on 4/2 (surgery was 2/22). Started PT on 4/4 and ended PT on 6/14. On 6/22, I went overseas to teach an English camp for kids in Spain. That was rough on my ankle but my doc had given me permission to do it before surgery was done. Then I went to Alaska and Seattle for 3 weeks in August and did better, but zip lining and a strenuous 3 mile hike almost got the best of me, but I was fine. Just sore. Had the best time! Couple of weeks later in DC, a family member was being laid to,rest in Arlington and afterwards we were all going to go to the wife's place to,eats and talk. While walking on the uneven chevron type bricks that are hard, I tripped on it and set my foot down right. So overall, im doing that too!

LadyKanner 09-30-2012 12:04 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Thanks! Those were some of those cast tattoo stickers. You can upload your picture by going into your settings and changing Avatar. I think there is something at the bottom for custom avatar and that is what I used. Your cast sounds awesome! I had blinged out crutches but they broke and I had to get a new pair.

That stinks you hurt yourself. Mine was injured by the girl in PT. I should be up and walking but am not due to that setback. I have until November for my fusion to heal or I am looking at another surgery. I go Monday morning for another check on it.

Hollywood48 10-01-2012 02:23 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Oh no! That's is terrible! What did the girl in PT do to it??? Yikes! Let me know what you find out at your doctor's appt Monday!!

LadyKanner 10-01-2012 03:29 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
It was a girl in her clinicals to be a PTA that did the damage. It was a busy day in there and I was basically only doing ROM exercises so I think they thought it was safe for her to work with me unsupervised. She said she wanted to test my strength. Told me to hold my foot up and not let her push it down. Instead of applying a gentle pressure she applied a great force jamming my ankle in a position like pointing your toes. It was so hard I came up off the table cursing and instantly was in tears. I have a high pain tolerance and this was the first I had cried from the pain. Not even thinking amidst what had happened I even threatened to kick her in the face if she did it again. My next visit I asked the other girl I was working with about it popping and what she had written in my file. She didn't even mention it!!! I told the pt who owns the place and he was shocked to hear as she hadn't even told him.

My next visit with my doc I told him what happened and that the fused joint was popping. He ordered me to the boot again and ordered a ct scan. Found it was indeed broken. Tg hardware is fine just all the new bone growth had been broken open. So now I'm back to nwb until it fuses and if it won't fuse he is going to have to revise with bone grafts.

My surgery was in April so I am getting very antsy and frustrated. This forum has been so helpful and everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Thanks so much for your support! I'm stressing if I need another surgery because I lost my job and insurance and nothing will be covered even if I get a policy now for at least a year due to pré existing condition laws since I've gone over 63 days without.

Hollywood48 10-01-2012 11:42 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
OMG!! I'm truly speechless! I can't believe she did that and then didn't even report it! She knew she'd done something wrong and would be in trouble! I'm SO sorry!! I can completely understand your frustration and anticipation and I'm sure anxiety and worry too over the insurance thing. Sorry to hear you lost your job. I hope it wasn't due to your ankle. Will the PT place be liable if you need another surgery and insurance runs out?

LadyKanner 10-02-2012 09:36 AM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
I have talked to a lawyer and its looking like a case of neglegience on their part as she should have been supervised. My position was terminated at my job back in May and my insurance ran out in June. I have looked into getting a policy but everything will be pre-existing for a year so I wouldn't have my surgery covered unless I wait until next year which I don't think is an option. There is a policy that I could get that would give me the reduced rates that the insurance companies get but they don't pay anything out. Just a rate reducer. Think I may look at one of those plans should it all come down to needing surgery. The hospital also writes off all or some of bills for low income. I hate not working. I have been a full time worker since 2001 and its making me crazy. The job market in our area is really limited. I sure I am not fairly considered going into interviews on crutches. haha Even though they cannot discriminate that I am sure it is considered.

I got put back in a cast yesterday. My surgeon said that my boot gave me too much motion. I did not know he wanted me sleeping in my boot too and hadn't been sleeping with it for months! My foot always hurt when I was sleeping. Think I was moving it funny while I slept. I have to say last night was the best night sleep I have had in months and I was casted. Think not being able to move it helped eliminate those pains.

I hate being in a cast but if it prevents another surgery I am willing to accept it.

How are you doing?

Hollywood48 10-02-2012 02:34 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
Wow, wow, wow! I would hope they would have to pay for your surgery should you need it before another insurance pre-existing would kick in!

I totally understand that your pain was much better since the cast! At 3 weeks post-op, I had the opportunity to go into a boot from a cast and I chose to get another cast for a total of 6 wks in a cast. I did this for several reasons: I didn't want to have the boot in the bed with me. Way to bulky and oh so dirty (even though I wasn't weight bearing yet). The cast wasn't as bulky or heavy and I could move around better. I wasn't ready to have nothing on my ankle either at night. ouch! pain! My doctor was like "I've never had someone ask for another cast before!" He said it would heal best in a cast for 6 wks, but they started doing a boot at 3 wks because so many people complained about showering, itching, etc. I was like I've got the shower down, put the cast on (it wasn't like I was allowed to bear weight, still couldn't do that for another 3 wks anyway. Had I been able to, that might have been a game changer). I think that is what helped my pain in the long run too!

I'm doing okay. I've been busy and on the go since late June. I still swell just about every day though. Some days are worse than others. Sometimes it looks like it did the day I got my cast off (looks like my lower leg meets my toes and where is my ankle?) and other days it's slight swelling. My doctor said I would have pain and swelling up to 9 months out which is the end of Nov. I tripped on a brick sidewalk in DC about a month ago and jarred it. That hurt. Didn't twist it so it is stable, but I had my peroneal tendon repaired and that's where it hurts. Still get pain there so if it doesn't let up, I will see my doc about that soon. I'm supposed to do a half marathon in early Dec (run/walk, may be mostly walk now--my doctor approved it) and I want to be sure it's okay. Ironically, last year I was signed up for this same half marathon and my ankle kept hurting after my most recent sprain in 9/2011 and I went to "be sure it was ok" and the MRI showed 3 torn ligaments, torn tendon and tendon subluxation. So the short answer is no it's not okay. I needed surgery (which I knew from 8 years ago, but I didn't think THAT much was wrong with it). So he said I could still do the half marathon because there was no way I could mess my ankle up any further than I had already (yay!) and that it was up to me pain wise. He gave me something for pain and told me I had to ice it before and after the race and so I went. I walked the whole thing, but I finished and I was in a lot of pain after, but I did it. Hoping this year is different and the pain behind my ankle in that tendon region goes away soon!

I hope that your pain stays down now that you have a cast on! What color did you get? Did you decorate it? Are you having to take pain meds? I so feel for you!!!

LadyKanner 10-02-2012 02:47 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
I'm my own worst enemy I swear. As if my foot crap isn't enough I bet over to pick something up out of a tote today and pulled muscles clear across my lower back. I'm beginning to think I should be in a padded room wrapped in cotton and bubble wrap. Haha. Thank god I still have some pain medication laying around here.

My cast is hot pink this time. Not sure about decorating yet. Before I had zebra cast tattoos you can see in my avatar picture. This are pretty pricey so not so sure ill be doing that again. Maybe bling it out with rhinestones haha

LadyKanner 10-02-2012 03:00 PM

Re: Toe Pain/Popping After Surgery
I hope your ankle is okay and your trip didn't do any damage. That is great you're doing marathons. My passion has been playing softball but having this surgery I gave up playing. He said I could continue but he wouldn't recommend it. Having a fusion he said puts a strain on the other joints that aren't fused and they would break down easier. I'm going to take up coaching. I recently spent three days with the USA Olympic and National team coaches. It was a great experience.

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