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Chelle96 12-08-2012 12:11 AM

Calcaneus fracture
Hi everyone, I'm Michelle, I'm 16 years old. I jumped off my porch roof On November 10th (about 10 feet high) and fractured my right calcaneus, broke it into 4 parts. I then had surgery on November 28th, had a plate and 4 screws put in, Which will be permanent, and 2 pins in the back, which I was told will be removed around 6 weeks. I'm afraid I'm only at the first stages still :( I know I have to wait about 8 weeks before the doctor even considers starting weight baring but I just have many questions about this injury. Is it painful once you start physical therapy and attempt walking again? How long does it take to start walking again once physical therapy has started? Also does it still hurt after a long time, like a year? This is a really tough injury for anyone to overcome it seems like.. I'm scared of being in a lot of pain again. Haven't really had any but then again I'm only about a week and a half post surgery. Could someone please just guide me on how this process works? I really miss walking and find myself crying a lot since all I do is lay in bed while my friends are out having fun. Only time will tell I guess, someone experienced have feedback please?

LadyKanner 12-08-2012 12:22 AM

Re: Calcaneus fracture
Hi Michelle! You came to the righ forum. There are many people here with a similar injury. I am not one of those people but can tell you a few things.

First I must ask what possessed you to jump off that roof? Daredevil? Sorry that you got hurt.

Second- do you have or have you considered getting a knee walker? They're te best thing since sliced bread!!! They give you so much more mobility than crutches. You could be out hanging with your friends. They can be purchase or rented. In some cases, your health insurance may pay for one. Definitely worth checking into.

In regards to physical therapy, yes it will hurt some but the longer you do it, the easier it will get. Just have to listen to your body. Expect some pain but should the pain become excruciating, back off a bit. It easy to try too much at first.

I'm sure you will get some other responses from people with your injury. Take care and keep asking questions. We will help as much as possible but remember we are not doctors. We just speak from experience.


AdkLizard46 12-08-2012 06:50 AM

Re: Calcaneus fracture
Hi Michelle,
Welcome to the boards! On 7/30, I fell 25 feet and broke my calcaneus into about....15-20 pieces. I had surgery on 8/23, and had 6 pins, a plate, and 3 screws installed permanently.

I was non weight bearing for 10 weeks. At that time, I was allowed to start working my way up to being full weight bearing, as long as I stayed in my black boot. I was full weight bearing in my boot by 13 weeks. By Thanksgiving I was given clearance to be full weight bearing in shoe, and I ditched the boot and the scooter and got a cane. I started physical therapy 2 weeks ago, and have had 3 sessions so far. (I go 2x a week and the first session was just paperwork and measurements.) Once I started therapy, I was walking, I was actually walking a bit before.

I am now up to riding the stationary bike for 10 mins and walking on a treadmill for 5. I do a lot of at home stretches. I am sore at the end of the day, but its nothing a little ice and elevation don't make better.

It takes anywhere from 10-18 months to be back to "normal". You probably won't ever be able to jump off a roof again, but I wouldn't recommend that anyway. It doesn't sound like you had a fusion, so all of your range of motion should come back.

I miss walking a lot too. But try not to let this injury take your friends away. Look into getting a knee scooter. Way faster than crutches and you can keep up with friends. I was non-weight bearing in a cast and went to my friend's wedding on a knee scooter and was able to dress up and dance will all my friends. I just wasn't standing. Plus, now you have an excuse to drive those motorized carts at Target and Walmart and stuff.

You'll get through it, it will seem like it is taking forever at times, but just stick with it. The little things build up and happen without you realizing it. It just takes time.

Good luck, and big hugs. Ask if you need anything.


tenderfoot 12-08-2012 07:03 PM

Re: Calcaneus fracture
Hang in there! texting keeps me in contact with friends but it does get lonely especially if you are told to keep elevated all of the time! Invite friends over to watch movies or play games. You may find some new things to do. The knee scooter is fun, especially on hard floors in larger spaces. It is not so great on carpet or in tight areas, but better than crutches. Get a basket on front to tote around all of your gadgets. I bought mine on ebay, butt some medical supply places rent them.

I haven't started PT yet...just 7 weeks post op after having my heel split and relocated, plus a lot of other stuff so your recovery could be quicker...not sure...hope so....

When you feel blue check in here....most people don't quite understand....we do cuz we are all going through it. Take it ez....

Zerk 12-11-2012 07:33 PM

Re: Calcaneus fracture
Pain will increase with use, but usually it is more of soreness then a pain. But there are bad days.

A walker is more stable then crutches. Thick socks and comfortable shoes will give you less pain, the rest of your life. Being a woman, you may not like this. You will have to chose between pain and cute shoes.

As for physcial therapy, you need to do it at home, not just at the sessions. Your age will help you. So will keeping weight down.

By 10-12 months, you will probably have a good idea how things will be. Though for me, after that things did get easier. But I don't think ROM changed much after that.

Shooting sensations are normal, and will go away. Keep your foot elevated. Turning purple when done is normal too, but avoid it. You will have less swelling once you start walking and the muscle starts pumping. But you may have life long issues.

For a few months after I started walking I wore a compression sock. Really tight sock that restricts blood flow and swelling. Ask your doc. I could probably wear one more often, but don't. They make really tight ones, that you get at medical supply places. These are tighter then the ones you get at regular stores.

Lots to read here, keep reading.

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