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GoCANES 04-19-2013 10:19 AM

94 days post PTTD surgery: The good, the bad, and the ugly
The GOOD: So...a week and a half ago (12-week checkup), my doctor approved me to start running by next week. All of my bones are fully healed and my left ankle is much more stable, in addition to getting a lot of leg strength back. He also approved me to start riding my bike outside and adding back many of my former daily activities. My left foot is waaaaaay ahead of schedule for recovery from this surgery. I am FWB, no brace, starting higher impact activities.

The BAD: I mentioned that my right foot felt more collapsed to me from compensating for the left for all of this time. My right calf has felt tight doing heel raises in PT and appears to be a bigger limiter in my healing than my left. My doctor confirmed that my right foot is significantly worse than when he started treating me for my left, and mentioned that I would probably need to get the same surgery in my right. I was absolutely SHOCKED, because in that moment, I felt that I may need a less severe surgery in the right. He said that there is still a chance that my right would not degenerate any further, and had me schedule an appointment for 3 months later (6 months post left surgery), and said we will check it at that time.

The UGLY: My doctor's appointment with my surgeon was on Monday, by Thursday night, I could no longer do a single heel raise on my right. My walking abilities have significantly declined and I can barely do my PT exercises for my left anymore because my right can't tolerate them. I now have two useless feet and a second reconstructive surgery is imminent for my right foot. Over the past two weeks, I went from being 3 weeks away from running, to needing surgery on my other foot. I continue to ask myself how much one person, an extremely healthy and formerly active 25 year old, no less, is supposed to handle???


1) I am looking at scheduling the other surgery for the first week of June (5 months post left foot surgery). Is that reasonable?

2) For those with right foot surgeries, how long were you unable to drive?

New Beginning 04-19-2013 11:10 AM

Re: 94 days post PTTD surgery: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Oh My! That is a lot to deal with all at once. I am 8 weeks out from pttd surgery and I was just okayed to drive yesterday! My doctor was waiting for the bone to grow back together, so I would not damage it. Also, she wanted me to have enough strength to stop a car in an emergency situation. Before surgery she had told me 8 weeks to 3 months, so I was quite excited when she released me. Hope that helps. I would call and ask your doctor to see what they think based on your recovery this time.

Good luck with both feet!

allykay 04-19-2013 01:19 PM

Re: 94 days post PTTD surgery: The good, the bad, and the ugly
That sucks about the other surgery :( :(

I totally sympathize with how you're feeling about running- I was supposed to be running by now & now it's like "nope- just kidding, not happening." I get insanely upset just thinking about it (Like, "I SHOULD be on a run right NOW & I'm not," type of thing). I hope that since your first foot healed to the point of being able to run, your second one most likely will too so it is in the future?


PesCav 04-19-2013 01:37 PM

Re: 94 days post PTTD surgery: The good, the bad, and the ugly
It took me 9 weeks before I could drive, and I still stick with short distances.

Sorry about your situation, sucks.

GoCANES 04-21-2013 06:45 AM

Re: 94 days post PTTD surgery: The good, the bad, and the ugly
Thanks for the advice on driving. I assumed around the 2 month mark. I may be able to get away with it a little sooner because my left foot healed really fast, so I have my fingers crossed that the right foot will follow suit.

I have reflected a lot about my situation over the last few weeks. I was so so close to being through the rough part of recovery before I got this second major blow. My surgery was absolutely traumatic the first time, requiring me to stay in the hospital for 4 days, nerve block didn't work, nor did the narcotics. I can't believe I have to go through that again!!! Ahhhhh! Well at least when I have a baby one day it should be easy compared to this, right?

I came across two quotes that helped me pull myself out of the darkness.

"Don't let what you can't do keep you from what you can"

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

I have refocused myself on finishing my PhD...which I am weeks away from finishing, because while it's hard to get around and a struggle to do the simplest tasks, my brain is just fine. However, now it is apparent that I will have to defend my dissertation in a cast from a wheelchair....yippee.

The second quote inspired me to dig up some of my old race photos and reminisce on how much fun I had. I was literally having the time of my life and the smiles I have on my face on my finish photos are absolutely priceless. No faking that kind of happiness. I know that being positive about all of this stuff is something we have to work on daily, so I am not out of the woods by any means, but it did help me to remember what has come before in my life. I am even more motivated to get back to the place that I can walk out of the door and go do anything physical that my heart desires.

Staying positive...for now.

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