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bhjmom 05-20-2006 08:24 AM

Could this be gallbladder?
OK, I have been around the bend and back again... I am so tired of not knowing what is wrong with me!!

It all started in late 2004 when I was refluxing. I went to the GI, she gave me Prevacid and Zantac (my "reflux" was not the norm- it was burning my vocal cords, but I did not have the normal chest pain, burning, etc.) She did an endoscopy in Jan 2005. Normal, just mild reflux. No cancer, no ulcers, no h pylori.

Meds were ok, but once the lump in the throat and reflux went away, the meds started causing other things like nausea, constipation, etc.

Went back to doc. After much begging, she did a barium swallow and a gastric emptying study a few months ago. Again, "normal" except a small hiatal hernia which she said made no difference. I have been telling her for months that my food does not digest quickly enough, I get full easily, lots of gas and bloating, food sits there for many hours after it should be digested. She only wanted to try MORE meds. I said no and began digestive enzymes and probiotics which helped more than the meds did anyway.

Went to a new GI doc who said you don't have reflux (no tests but looked at the other tests I had). Took me off all GI meds and pronounced me well. Uh, no... I still felt like crap!

Finally, went to yet another GI doc at the recommendation of a new general doc I had seen. Saw him last week... great so far. He also doesn't think I have reflux. He is doing 3 tests next week: HIDA scan, right upper quadrant ultrasound and a lactulose breath test. He said he is checking for gallbladder and small bowel bacteria.

My current symptoms are: nausea most of the time, too full after eating, bloating, slow bowels, belching, gas, no appetite... I have also had a couple of episodes where I get the shakes and chills for no reason. This happened last week. I was fine, ate dinner, felt like it was sitting in my chest and would not move, started shaking (thought I was having a panic attack or something), cold chills, had to go to bed. Once I had a bowel movement, I felt a bit better, but not totally.

I never get the pain associated with gallbladder, BUT both my grandmother and great grandmother had theirs removed and it apparently runs in the female side of the family.

Any info greatly appreciated! I am at my wits end!!


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