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Gavi112 06-04-2007 09:12 AM

In a quandery about gallbladder surgery
I had gallstones show up on a scan 10 yrs ago but as they weren't bothering me I asked if I could not have my gallbladder removed as I am terrified of hospitals. I have a liver function test every 6 months and a ultrasound every year to check no blockages.

For past few months I have been suffering from extreme gas in my bowel and bloating and pressure and during these attacks which last about 12 hrs I have loose bowels. I have had sigmoidoscopy- normal. Been tested for coeliac neg, occult blood neg, liver function and kidney function fine and ultrasound of all abdomen including ovaries etc and only pathology is lots of very tiny gallstones as usual.

My consultant thinks that I am suffering from irritable bowel BUT he says he cannot completely rule out that these symptoms are from my gallbladder malfunctioning - not in a dangerous way but enough to upset my bowel.

He says the longer I have the gallstones the more chance there is of my geting a dangerous complication like a stone blocking a duct or thickening of the gallbladder wall and as I am only 46 yrs old and he said I could live aother 30 yrs I am bound at some time get a dangerous complication.

His advice is to have my gallbladder removed at some time in the future so as to avoid any potential dangerous complications and it may or may not help with my symptoms. He has asked me to have a very low fat diet for three months to see if the gas and bloating improves as that would point to it being def gallbladder. He says there is no test that can tell you if your gallbladder is just not functioning well. He says even if it is working normally because my gallstones are tiny this greatly increases the risk that one day one will get stuck.

I know quite a few people who have had endoscopic gallbladder removal and some say its a doddle but two have had complications - one got her pancreas nicked and had to be operated on again and another deveoped a nasty infection three weeks later and again needed an operation.

Anyone out there who has had this surgery can they give me advice please.

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