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  • Could this be Gallbladder issues?

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    Old 06-15-2007, 08:55 PM   #1
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    Could this be Gallbladder issues?

    First of all, I apologize for how long this is. Secondly, I have had several tests done, all have come back normal. For my vitals, I am a 22 y/o, male, and up to this issue, have never had anything more serious than the flu.

    I've been having abdominal issues since the first week of March. It started out with pain in the upper right section of my abdomen. Following this has been changes to my bowel movements, which are almost always (about 80% of the time) a lighter color, not quite yellow, but not brown. The stool is also often fairly dry and sometimes covered in mucous. There is also what I would guess is undigested particles in it, but they are never anything I can pinpoint, just black or white flecks that sort of stand out.

    Recently I have been very tired, although I haven't been sleeping as well, so this could be unrelated. I have also been feeling like I have pulled muscles in my abdomen on both sides.

    The pain sometimes occurs on the left side, sometimes lower right, or lower left, but for the most part it is upper right and behind the rib cage.

    As for the tests I have had done:
    Urinalysis: Many times, always normal
    Blood Tests: Normal (including liver enzymes)
    Barium Swallow X-ray: normal
    Abdominal Ultrasound: normal (no gallstones)
    Colonoscopy: Normal (GI was thinking maybe Crohn's or Celiac, although I have never had really bad diarrhea or blood in the stool, so these are ruled out)

    Thats all the tests I've had done, so I am getting a little frustrated and just wish more than anything I would start feeling better!

    My pain does not get worse when I eat (even fatty foods), and does not seem dependent on food intake. I do not suffer any sort of pain attacks that most symptoms I have read say I would be having.

    I'm just at a loss, and I'm not sure what my GP is going to recommend next. I live in Ontario, so with universal health care it is very difficult to get adequate health care without long waits (for instance, I have to wait 2.5 weeks to see my GP after the colonoscopy to decide the next step, which will likely be more tests and I will probably have to wait another month for that, since it is a very busy health care system).

    Would anyone guess gallbladder? I am thinking of asking my GP is I should get a HIDA scan, so I can find out if it is gallbladder and if not, at least rule out one more thing.

    Thanks to anyone that read all that, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone might have!

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    Re: Could this be Gallbladder issues?

    My God, Im 27 and male. Your symptoms were the SAME exact as mine, and almost sound like exactly what I was telling my Dr's a few weeks ago! ( I had my gall bladder removed last Saturday)

    You have to be careful because when I had the light color stools and was really tired and exhausted easy (before I even knew I had a diseased gall bladder), it was indicative of irritated bilary ducts and if you dont already have jaundice, you may develop it as your liver isnt able to get rid of bile. Thats what happened to me. I went to the ER saying "I keep getting this pain in my right side that hurts like $*@! and now I have clay colored stools and am tired all of the time". Blood work showed my liver enzymes were super-elevated (I suspect the first gall bladder attack I had early June lodged stones or irritated the ducts shut) and I went a full week before seeing a DR. By that time, I had 1 more major gall bladder attack that brought me to the ER. (the first one did not- just woke me up at 2am and I sat on the couch and watched TV until the pain went away).

    Good Luck man - everybody is here on this board to help and answer questions for ya. It was a GREAT help for me. Im still on the couch recovering by the way, lol. You will feel 1,000,000,000% better when you get the gall bladder removed (if, in fact it is the gall bladder). No longer tired here, semi-normal BM's now, body feels better as a whole now that the GB is gone.

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    Re: Could this be Gallbladder issues?

    I have read that when you take out your GB you don't always feel better, there are "ghost" pains, and that your liver has to compensate for the loss of the gall bladder so you can damange your liver if it is removed. So far, are the pains gone? And are your liver enzyme tests ok?


    I can't say whether it's your GB or not because I am just learning about GB symptoms and various diseases of the GB. I KNOW I have GB stones and so far I am EXTREMELY tired, I rarely get sleep because of the pains and when I do get sleep I still feel weak. My bowels are lighter in color from a VERY VERY light brown to an almost white-yellowish color I guess *shrug*. I have not seen any mucus in my stools. My pains are on the left and right side but the pain on my right is right under my breast and no matter how I move or where I move it doesn't go away but doesn't get worse. I hope this helps. If anything INSIST that your dr give you more tests if you feel like something is truly wrong. Good luck!
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    Re: Could this be Gallbladder issues?

    PLEASE don't takeout your gallbladder yet! I had the same problem, especially after a fatty meal. HORRIBLE pain, light colored bowels. Severe discomfort at night, had to sleep on my right side, fatigue. The Doctor wanted to cut it out, but I researched and found out this: the Gallbladder does NOT produce bile, the liver does. It only stores bile.

    So if you remove it, you still have bile issues, and many times you still have pain. I fixed mine by finding a "functional medicine" doctor (functionalmedecine dot org). He figured out that I had low stomach acid, which was why I had worn out my gallbladder, it tried to squeeze more bile to make-up for the missing acid - to digest fats especially. He also used a machine called "frequency specific microcurrent", it was amazing and cheap!

    I tried him for 3 months before going under the knife. Well that was 2 years ago and NO KNIFE! I am complete WITHOUT gallbladder pain. I still have low acid, just take 1 acid pill with each meal (betain HCL from Meteganics) and some enzymes and probiotics. I have experienced a full recovery.

    PS: to relieve your pain after a meal, drink 1 or 2 shots of lemon juice. It will cure your pain temporarily in about 15 minutes - amazing and no need for a pharmacy. You can do a shot of lemon juice anytime, even at night or when the pain is bad. However, if you do too much lemon juice, its bad for the teeth - that's why I use the pills.

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    Re: Could this be Gallbladder issues?

    I have had liver and gall bladder problems for years. The pale stools sound like a liver symptom. Bile gives your stools a brown color. If your liver is not producing bile or if you bile ducts are blocked or if your gall bladder is plugged up, this could produce pale stools. Gall stones only show up on scans when they have calcified. If your bile is kind of thick and sludgy and slowing things up in your liver and gall bladder, it can cause you pain and not show up on a scan. If you have thick bile, you will still have it after they take out your gall bladder only now it plugs up your liver and the spots where your gall bladder used to be. The pain is not 'ghost' like. It hurts like crazy.
    Recently, I had a lot of right, upper abdominal pain and the scans showed nothing. I was still in a lot of pain. My liver function tests were OK. Liver function tests do not check every function of the liver - just the most common. You can pass those tests and still have liver and gall bladder problems. I wondered if things were just clogged up. I did a few things to clean out my liver and gall bladder. It really helped with the pain. You could try these things that worked for me.
    1-Squeeze the juice from one lemon and drink it down. I agree with oldman21. This really does work. Your gall bladder may be full of sludgy bile. Lemon juice is a known bile thinner. It can loosen things up and allow your gall bladder to clean itself out. Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards because the lemon juice will destroy your enamel.
    2-Take cranberry pills. I don't know why this works but it does. Came across it by accident. Buy cranberry pills whose main ingredient is powdered cranberry juice. The fewer other ingredients- the better. Take one or two if the pain is mild. If it is unbearable, you can take 3 or 4. It won't hurt you and it will make an dramatic difference. Maybe the acid in the cranberry helps to dissolve stuff much like the lemon juice does.
    3-Fast 1 or 2 meals once a week. Fasting is a known liver cleanse.
    4-Take 1 Tbs. of Udo Oil (Bought this at the local health food store) or Olive Oil. Your liver needs oil to work propertly. These types of oils seem to lubricate things and get things moving.
    5-Do a Liver Cleanse- If you want something more drastic, do a liver cleanse. You can buy one at the health food store or look on the internet for one that sounds good. I found one on the internet. I drank down some awful mixture of epsom salt, grapefruit juice, olive oil, etc. I was sick for two days, but the right abdominal pain was better afterwards. I have never done it again. It was miserable. I would rather do little things every day to keep my liver cleaned out and not be so sick.
    6-Take low doses of ibuprofen after you have done a liver cleanse. If you liver is inflammed, this can help. Ibuprofen is an antiinflammatory. Don't take too much and don't take it too long.
    7- Drink apple juice. When your gall bladder and liver start to clean out, it will dump bile in our stomach and you may have an upset stomach. Antacids will help with the stomach acid part but bile is something else. Apple juice seems to neutralize the bile. It will settle your stomach if bile is the problem.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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