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Odesse 12-15-2007 02:33 AM

Could it be my gallbladder?

I just wrote a long post under Open to All Health Topics and it's called "Mesenteric adenitis...really?" It's really long so I'll let y'all look at it if you has a lot of the history of my problem and describes a recent trip to the ER. I hope I'm allowed to mention it here.

Anyway, I saw my doctor Friday afternoon and she doubts the ER doctor's diagnosis, but she still isn't convinced it's my gallbladder because I didn't have severe tenderness/pain when she pressed on my belly (she said that if it were my g-bladder, I would have jumped through the roof when she touched me there). I only got some very vague tenderness when she pressed both on the front upper right and in the back on the upper right, but nothing severe.

BUT! Then she came back and told me that some people present with different symptoms, and it *could* still be my gallbladder, but she didn't order any new tests. She's waiting to get the reports (CT scan, bloodwork, and urine) back from the ER.

In the meantime, she's trying me on some meds for gastritis, and if those don't help within the next week or two, she'll get more tests. However, she said if I get another long "attack" of pain like I did when I had to go to the ER and the gastritis meds don't help, then she wants me to go right to the ER again (not the same one I went to, she doesn't like that one).

I have a connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome) so the first thing she was worried about was something vascular rupturing (aortic rupture is common with this condition), and she also said that if this is my gallbladder, then I run a very high risk of gallbladder rupture, so when I told her I felt foolish for having gone to the ER, she quickly told me that I should ALWAYS go if something like this happens again.

So...have any of you been tried on gastritis or other meds before gallbladder stuff was tested or ruled out? Has anyone had gallbladder problems but had only mild belly tenderness upon being touched? I get really sharp pain in the front on the upper right, and dull achy pain in my back, and it feels like something wants to explode out of my back on the right (lots of pressure), but amazingly only slight tenderness to being touched in that area.

I sure hope this is just gastritis and these meds work. My past belly surgeries (even the "little" laparoscopic ones) have proven to be somewhat disastrous. [/COLOR]

gooby 12-15-2007 08:05 AM

Re: Could it be my gallbladder?
Yes, I had gallstones and did not exhibit the typical tenderness at all. Doc could push all they wanted and it caused no pain other than the pressure whenever anybody would have somebody trying to push their hand through your abdomen.

What I did have is sever pain in the upper abdomen (solarplexis area). I believe it was from the food I ate not digesting and subsequently I was very backed up.

What was eventually found during an ERCP was stones in the common duct. They were removed during that procedure. I also had the gallbladder removed shortly after that.

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