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megss 11-18-2009 08:49 PM

Questions about having my gallbladder out
I have had digestive issues for a long time. I am currently 28, and was diagnosed with Celiacs about 7 or so years ago. I don't always follow the diet and have diarreah a lot. I also had an eating disorder (bulemia and anorexia) for a long time, 14 years, so I blame a lot of my problems on that.
A few months ago I started to get really really sick. I was having bad abdominal pain constantly and was having horrible diarreah every day. Sometimes it would happen 7 times a day. It was completely watery and very weird colors. It was making me very sick. I lost a lot of weight, and my potassium levels were really low. I was hospitalized twice for that. Once it was so low my doctor was afraid I would go into cardiac arrest so I was rushed to the ER.
I had an endoscopy done, and they saw my celiacs, but they also noticed that my stomach was about 1/3 full of food even though I hadn't eatin since the night before. About an hour after that test, I developed excruciating abdominal pain. I was sent back for an abdominal xray to see if they tore my stomach, but that looked normal and the pain subsided. They finally did an ultrasound and discovered that my gallbladder was covered with stones. The surgeon had me do this scan and it said that there weren't any stones currently blocking anything, so he left my gallbladder in. I wasn't having any pain when that test was done.
So I have continued to have problems. Monday night I had the most horrible gallbladder attack that I've ever had. I was crying and it hurt to breath, so I had my husband call the on call dr. He said to make an appointment so I saw my GP today. She wants me to have it taken out soon, and said that if I make an appointment right away I can have it out within a couple of weeks.
I am concerned for a few reasons and need some advice. She told me the surgery was easy and everything, but I am still scared and here is why.
7 months ago I had a spinal fusion surgery. It is an awful surgery where they drill screws and rods into your spine to stabalize it. I had a fracture and one of my vertebrae was slipping into my abdomen. Also the disc of that vertebrae was herniated, so that disc was removed and replaced with donor bone. I was cut open through both my abdomen and back. It was tough to recover from and I still haven't fully recovered. I also need a second back surgery on a different level of my spine now, and that will happen sometime in Jan. I see the spine surgeon on Dec 1st to schedule. My GP said if I did the gallbladder surgery now that will be plenty of time to recover for my back surgery. Do you guys think that will be true? My dr doesn't want me to have any more attacks while I am trying to recover from a major surgery, especially if it got infected and became an emergency. I agree, but I am worried about having so many surgeries so close together. I work part time from home. Will I be able to work the next day? I would like to miss as little work as possible since I will have to miss a lot for my back surgery. I don't have any vacation left until Jan 1st besides paid holidays and 2 floating holidays (but I want to use one floating holiday for christmas eve), but then I get 3 weeks, but I need to save that for my back surgery.
I also would love to have another baby when I recover from my back surgery. My daughter is 2 and I don't want them to be too far apart. Do you think pregnancy would aggrevate my gallbladder if I left it in? I get really sick when I am pregnant so I don't want to have to also deal with that, and not be able to get it taken out until I have the baby.
I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow morning so I will have to make a decision by then. Hopefully someone can put my mind at ease about this!

megss 11-18-2009 09:24 PM

Re: Questions about having my gallbladder out
I forgot to ask a couple of questions. Could my gallbladder be causing my sluggish digestion? And, could my gallbladder be causing some of the diarreah?

Titchou 11-19-2009 05:41 AM

Re: Questions about having my gallbladder out
To your second post, yes and yes. As for the other, gb removal is usually done via lap surgery and is very easy compared to what you've been through. And yes, do have it out before you try for another baby! Many women end up with stones during pregnancy - have severalfriends who did - and it really makes things awful!

I can only relate my experience but I had mine out on a Monday morning...was home in my bed by 10 AM. Slept all day. Took a shower the next morning, dozed off and on but felt pretty good. Next day, went to the office for 1/2 day, came home at lunch and napped. Thursday I was back full time and never took any more time off. The following Monday, 1 week after the surgery, I jogged 2 miles. Now, I'm not saying I wasn't sore or that none of this hurt, but just that I sucked it up and did it. Took Lortab the first two days and Aleve after that. Good luck! With what you've already been thru, this should be simple.

megss 11-19-2009 09:54 AM

Re: Questions about having my gallbladder out
Hi and thanks for your reply! You eased my mind. I went to the surgeon and am going to do it. He wants me to do it at the hospital instead of the day surgery center in case I need to stay over night. He said something about being concerned with me having other problems. I am not sure if he was referring to my back, celiacs disease, or because I have so many stones. Maybe he is afraid I will need open surgery instead of lap surgery. Who knows. I could have had it done early next week but I am going out of town for the holiday, so it will be the week after next. I hope I have as easy of a recovery as you!

Titchou 11-19-2009 12:06 PM

Re: Questions about having my gallbladder out
Have a great Thanksgiving and keep us posted.

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