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jessa05 08-02-2010 08:53 AM

burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
I wanted to know if anyone experience a burning sensation around the belly button almost as if you were literaly burned the touch of my shirt sends me through the roof. it has been one week and I wish i never had it done, i have to control useing the bathroom i dont have to push it just comes, even when i try to push its like theres no muscles there, I dont wish this on no one the doctor tells me he can understand why im still in pain, my worst is at night when i try to sleep some days i can sleep sitting up other days i have to sleep on my right side or sometimes the pain or the urge to go to the bathroom wakes me up. please let me know im not alone. thanks

Titchou 08-02-2010 10:16 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
I know you aren't feeling well but can you clarify? You say it burns around the belly button but then say it hurts when you use the bathroom and sleep?

Then you say the doctor understands why you are hurting but you don't tell us why he says that.

i'm just confused as to which issue to address.

jessa05 08-02-2010 10:57 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
I have 5 holes in me and sry i mistyped some things, they cut open my belly button thats where they took the gallstone and gall bladder out when anything touches my stomach (belly button area) it feels as if i was burned, I have had sharp pains through my stomach at night that come and go and the pain will wake me also the urge to use the bathroom will wake me up bowel movement. My doctor says he cant understand why im still in pain. I already had a bowel movement on myself, the bowel movements are uncontrolable

Titchou 08-02-2010 11:11 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
OK, the belly button thing is very normal. It was the biggest holke because the gb came out there. It will be sensitive for some time - could be 3 weeks or more.

As for the pain inside, you are very bruised inside from pulling the gb thru from behind the ribs down to the belly button. That can take a month or so to go away. Many people report pain from laying on one side or the other after this surgery. Not unusual.

As for the bms, what is your diet like? Are you eating totally fat free? Off the pain meds?

jessa05 08-02-2010 11:15 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
I am not on any pain meds at all very strict diet toast crackers and soup drink alot of fluids but when i went into the hospital they stuck me 6 times with no success and they said i was very dehydrated. Well of course i have loose stools from the time i came home. I am so miserable, i have a doctors appt this afternoon

Titchou 08-02-2010 11:27 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
You really should be eating more solid food. The only restrictions should be no fat and nothing spicy. Otherwise, you should be able to eat whatever you normally do. I certainly did. Ate fat free for 4 weeks and it was no problem. You are losing even more fluids thru the diarrhea so you are only exacerbating that problem. Try turkey sandwiches with no mayo or cheese. Whole wheat bread, lean white turkey meat.
Yogurt is also good. Potatoes, pasta, rice should help too. Wouldn't eat too many green leafy veggies till you get the diarrhea under control.

jessa05 08-02-2010 11:30 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
The docotor told me to eat soup crackers toast this is what im saying im dealing with two doctors my primary and surgeon one is telling me one thing and the other is telling me something else i just want it all to go away, ive been out of work for a week and scheduled to go back monday which i hope i can

Titchou 08-02-2010 11:50 AM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
But what kind of soup? Are you just eating tomato soup and broths? Nothing more hearty??? Rice and potatoes are staples for any diarrhea problems. You really need to get on something more solid so you quit losing so much fluid. You were already dehydrated! This is only making it worse which is making healing take longer and causing more pain.

jessa05 08-02-2010 12:12 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
im eating chicken noodle soup and my sister in law made some meatball pasta soup which wasnt bad at all and i didnt run to the bathroom im really trying but if i do eat solids my stomach starts cramping and off to the bathroom i go

Titchou 08-02-2010 12:21 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
It's going to take a while to get it to stop once it gets started as bad as you have it. And I hope the meatballs are turkey ones! Pasta is good too - just no rich or fatty sauces on it. Maybe some pasta and chicken mixed together.

And have you tried any anti-diarrhea meds? I might try a dose or two of kaopectate....

jessa05 08-02-2010 12:25 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
yes it was turkey meatballs i dont think i will ever eat anything fatty after this whole ordeal im so scared of what i eat and yes i have tried the meds for diarrhea problem well i have to go see the doctor this evening i hope he can help me with this im sitting here now with my shirt tucked in my bra because the burning hurts

Titchou 08-02-2010 12:27 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
He can give you meds to stop the diarrhea. And mine more itched than burned. You might ask if you can put something on the incisions - a cream or something - to soothe that. I only had 3 not 5(seems to be the standard around here). Wonder what the others were for??

jessa05 08-02-2010 12:30 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
the way the doctor described was one whole was for each instrument plus one to put the gas in the stomach u figure camera gas to cut or burn and sew and one to pull it out i dont know i know i got 5 holes and look like a gun shot victim lol

Titchou 08-02-2010 01:15 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
All will fade pretty well except the belly button one. That one shows up on me as a scar but the other two are just sort of pale spots...can't hardly see them. You can always put vitamin E oil or mederma on them once the doc gives the OK.

jessa05 08-02-2010 01:18 PM

Re: burning in stomach after gallbladder surgery
oh i could careless about the scars i more worried about the pain i cant stand it no more

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