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Sean5411 04-02-2016 11:45 AM

Brain FOG!! From Extreme Anxiety or ADHD?
Hey first time posting on any type of forum before. Im a 20 year old male college student. Months ago I had a traumatic health scare, during a routine eye exam I was informed that I had the beginning stages of ocular Melanoma(Eye Cancer) and that I was to see a retina specialist.... Just the word "Cancer" Dropped my stomach to the floor. Ive had 3 different family members die of cancer and one of those being my father. He died of Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I know that type of cancer is not genetic but it still worried me. Anyways, As I left the eye doctors my life has never been the same since and its been almost 8 months. I had to wait a month to go see a retina specialist because of insurance issues but none the less my life was hell waiting for that appointment. I made myself go absolutely crazy about it. I was so worried sick that I was going to go there and the doctor was going to hand me a death sentence and that was going to be it. I would look in the mirror everyday at my eye to see if anything was different, and I always thought their was (but it wasnt.) I thought my vision was getting worse, (which is wasnt)It was all in my head getting me all riled up about it. HEALTH ANXIETY was going crazy. If I saw a bump on my skin I thought it was cancer, if I got a headache I thought I had a brain tumor. Come to find out, the retina specialist said it is a benign mole that is unlikely to grow into cancer. routine 6 month checkups with my eye doctor. So that was a Relief!!!! For now. I still had bad health anxiety all the time. Then all the sudden I noticed I was getting (BRAIN FOG).. Very dull feeling, cant concentrate, hard time thinking, thinking something but saying something else, zoning out, and head pressure. And it comes and goes randomly, sometimes Ill get it driving sometimes ill get it doing homework, sometimes it will be there for 5 min and sometimes it will be there for a week straight. It sucks because Im in school and I cant get stuff done with this fog! I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age maybe 7-8. I took 36 mg of concerta from the time I was 8 to 14. Then I just all the sudden I cold turkey stopped taking it and I was fine, I guess. Still a little trouble concentrating here and there but I got stuff done when I needed to. After these episodes of such high anxiety from my eye I felt like My ADHD came back in Full Force and I started to have a very hard time with college courses. I decided to go to the doctor and get back on ADHD medication. And I did, And you It cured my Brain FOG!!!!!! for the time my mind was stimulated on the drug. The comedown and whenever I do not take it I suffer from Brain Fog. I was prescribed Adderall IR 10mg twice a day which quickly moved on to 20mgs to 30 mgs all within two months. I take 60mg a day today and that feels right to me. I dont like to take it on weekends but I also dont want to have Brain Fog, so it's tough. My question is does anyone have any idea why I might be suffering from Such bad brain fog and is there something I can do to relieve my symptoms? I sleep ok not great because of the adderall. I eat well. Blood work, Blood pressure fine. Just want my mind to feel "Normal" again and not foggy. If I didnt have to take a stimulate I wouldnt. Sorry for the rant, Im just so sick of this Fog.

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