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leaffan1 05-12-2016 01:51 PM

Lymph Nodes
Hi everyone,

For a year and a half now, I have been able to feel lymph nodes around my head and neck region.

I have three on the back of my head, which are all hard, yet moveable. Smaller than 1CM, and have not grown in size.

I have one under my jaw, which is also smaller than 1CM, has not grown in size, and is soft and moveable.

I also have one on the back right and left side of my neck, one of which is hard and not moveable, the other which is firm but yet moveable. Under 1CM, has not grown in size.

I'm assuming since those ones are under 1cm and have not grown in size, they aren't a big deal, but I'm more concerned with the nodes affront of my neck, which are located above my adams apple, and are stuck to the ones on the right and left side.

They are all hard, yet moveable. Smaller than 1cm height wise, but width wise, they are larger because they are stuck to each other.

Should I be concerned? I'm going to the doctors on the 29th (the earliest I can get in), so until then i'm curious.

I have no other symptoms, such as a fever, night sweats, staying off food, tiredness, weakness, etc.

18 year old male, for what it's worth.

I needed my wisdom teeth removed, as they were pushing through in the last year, I have mild gingivitis and acne, all of which i read can cause lymph nodes to become swollen.

I didn't have a cold, infection or anything prior to feeling my nodes.

No swollen nodes on my groin, armpits, colarbone, etc.

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