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Sky Machine 08-07-2016 06:10 PM

Symptoms, Neurological?
Hi. I'm 18 years old Male. Suffer from anxiety disorder but on no meds for it. I've been experiencing these particular symptoms:

1) Wide spread body fasciculations. Started in my calves. Next day all over my body. Had since late March. By all over I mean almost everywhere on my body, scariest is when the ribs twitch. Sometimes a little vigorous, they're all visible. No extreme shaking or anything like that. Happens at least once every 3 minutes. Sometimes I don't notice.

2) Happening for around the same amount of time as above. Some small burning sensations on the soles of my feet. Like a pinprick. Lasts less than a second, not painful, but I kick to get rid of it and it goes. Happens when I'm lying down. Infrequent, but most days. Normally I'm quite sleepy when it happens as I'm in bed.

3) Started 48 hours ago. A numb feeling on my nose. Kind of uncomfortable. It goes when I press on it. It's at the side of the nose ridge a bit on the left. Sometimes it goes by itself for a minute then comes back again. Feels like pins and needles a bit.

I've been to my GP twice. She said it was BFS. (Benign fasciculations) because I'm young. But I've had no tests or anything. I'm going again tomorrow because of my nose, pretty freaked out. I've seen a health psychologist because of how much I freaked out over my symptoms, it's just there's been no tests or anything yet, I don't think I'm imagining the nose numbness. The fasciculations can be seen by people

MSNik 08-08-2016 11:03 AM

Re: Symptoms, Neurological?
Please ask your doctor to do a full blood panel. Your symptoms sound very much like a vitamin D or B deficiency, which need to be supplemented by prescription.

quincy 08-08-2016 11:24 AM

Re: Symptoms, Neurological?
Yes...i was going to say the same as MSNik, but also get a panel of liver enzyme, sodium, glucose, potassium, etc.
Ask your doc to test you thoroughly...regardless of your age. Way too easy to label you with no exclusion of other testing results.


Sky Machine 08-08-2016 05:14 PM

Re: Symptoms, Neurological?
[QUOTE=MSNik;5428503]Please ask your doctor to do a full blood panel. Your symptoms sound very much like a vitamin D or B deficiency, which need to be supplemented by prescription.[/QUOTE]

Thank you both. I will when I see my doctor in a week or two. Hoping it's not ms.

quincy 08-08-2016 07:25 PM

Re: Symptoms, Neurological?
Hi...were you on any antibiotics before this started?
Are you on any medications?

Oh...add thyroid testing to your list.

I have that in my left eye...started a few months ago and is driving me crazy. I do have neck issues and I know the nerves are affected...but this is way different than I've had before.

I have a friend who did a facial toning and in in that area she said it's "over-energised"...I call them hissy fits. She gave it an alternating energy (it's electric waves) and it's calmed down a lot. It's still there, especially if I close my eye tight or squint...but not often and not as strong.

I've not looked up fasciculation syndrome until just now.

Please let us know how your appointment goes.


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