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blonde190 10-25-2016 06:55 PM

Lupus? Autoimmune? What's wrong with me? Help!!
Please somebody help me before I lose my mind!! About 3 months ago I started getting severe nausea especially in the morning. Originally I thought I could be pregnant (confirmed I'm not now). Then I got a cough which I still have now. I started to feel extremely tired, so much so that I haven't been able to do anything including go back to work and I pretty much sleep all day on the sofa. Then I started getting rashes and my lips and face started swelling up randomly. No cause or common factors every time it's happened. I've been getting tonsillitis on and off which I always struggle with anyway. I've lost some of my hair, not a lot but enough to upset me quite a bit. I've been achey and tonight on the inside of my arm near my wrists two identical lumps have appeared on each arm in the exact same place. I've been back and fourth to the doctors, originally they thought it was lupus, I've had god knows how many blood tests and they're all normal!!! (As far as I know) but I know something is wrong with my body. I feel so ill it's unbearable I just can't function. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Could it still be lupus or an autoimmune disease? Please help me!

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