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Magomez15 01-07-2017 04:35 PM

Help, I feel like a mystery.
Hello, I am a 35 year old female. A little background family info: My mother has Multiple Sclerosis, RA, and Raynauds. My father has Sarcoidosis. I myself have been experiencing a range of symptoms for the past year minus Raynauds which has been close to two years. Around February of 2016, I started experiencing frequent stomach pains and diarrhea. I always had a funny stomach and would often get sick after eating out. In May, I had a stiff neck for 3 weeks and some general unwell feelings. I had some joint pain in my hands and knees and a lot of unexplaining bruising on my legs. As a precaution in July, I was tested for Lymes Disease. My Lyme AB total came back high at 3.95, but I only had 3 IgG and 1 IgM bands come back positive so I was never diagnosed with Lymes Disease. By now I was still experiencing frequent stomach issues, weight loss, joint pain especially in my hands, hair loss and fatigue just to name a few.
So my primary doctor ordered more bloodwork in August and this time my Ana came back positive 1:80 with a speckled pattern. I went to see a Rheumatologist on my own and finally got in to see her in October. By now I had lost about 50 pounds without dieting, still experiencing stomach discomfort with frequent diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, hair loss, joint pain (hands and knees are the worst), and Raynauds. She ran bloodwork and my Ana this time came back negative! My monocytes came back low, my C3 was low, and I had a positive SSB. So fast forward to now she redid my bloodwork again in December and I just got my results. This time my Ana came back positive at 1:40 (I know it's a low positive) with a nucleolar pattern (Do patterns change?), and the SSB antibody was positive again.
I should note that I saw a gastro last month as well thinking the weight loss and stomach pain could be gastro related. He did a stool sample and my stool came back positive for fat which he said is a sign of malabsorption of some sort. He was thinking possibly Celiac's or Crohns and did an endoscope. He said the small intestine looked okay and the biopsy did not show Celiac's Disease. I'm awaiting a colonoscopy at the end of his month.
I just want answers. Nothing has changed. My stomach still hurts and I frequently experience looser stools, I have pain often in the back of my neck, my hands hurt to open and close and I have been getting weird red spots on my knuckles and redness around my fingernails that comes and goes, I'm exhausted, I lose a good amount of hair daily when showering and styling, I get why feels like little cuts in my nose. I'm tired of feeling unwell and I'm tired of this waiting game. When do answers come? Do any of my symptoms sound familiar?

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