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vtox 06-24-2017 07:30 AM

How can I get rid of brain fog?
I moved to London on 16th Jan 2017, I was very happy and excited about the move. First 1 and half month was the best until this problem started. I had couple of friends we used to meet up every weekend and hangout around the city. Very thing was just going on perfect which also includes work and social and family life.
For couple of days I got very bad headaches this I used to get even when I was in Bangalore. Immediately after this I noticed fogginess in by head, initially I thought this is also headache until I googled the symptoms and found that its brain fog I never heard this term before all my symptoms matches brain fog. Life just wasn’t as bright and vibrant anymore from Mid of March 2017
I would wake up each morning completely zombie-mode…and that feeling would remain throughout the entirety of my day, until my head hit my pillow that evening.
Initially, I suspected some form of headache, it took me 2 weeks to realize that something is really wrong with by head the fatigue and the weight of the world slowly got worse over the next handful of days, UNTIL I woke up one morning and everything escalated greatly.
-> I feel completely stoned.
-> I cannot think right.
-> I cannot concentrate.
-> I feel inebriated.
-> I feel totally disconnected and spacey.
-> I feel as though I had no control over myself.
-> I lost drive and motivation. I lost a lot of confidence.
-> My mind, and brain feel foggy
-> I have difficulty thinking, concentrating, and/or forming thoughts.
-> My thinking feels like it is muddled and impaired.”
-> It seems as if your thoughts are illusive, and things that you once knew seem hard to comprehend or recall.
-> It feels like your short-term memory isn’t as good as it used to be.
-> It feels like normal intellectual tasks seem much more difficult.
-> I find it hard to focus and concentrate.
-> I forget things that you normally wouldn’t
-> I have difficulty focusing on and carrying on conversations.
-> My thoughts seem like in a cloud.
-> My thinking isn’t as clear as it normally is.
-> My head feels foggy, clouded, muddled, and 'off.
I always had an incredibly sharp memory. Yet from that morning, almost all new information could not be retained. Things that happened earlier in the day, by evening, I feel they happened a day or two before. I could no longer recount the activities I took part in. This is possibly the worst of all the symptoms. The extreme short term memory. I have no context for time and I sort of feel like I’m just floating through life suffering.
For months I visited doctors getting tested by specialists. I visited a neurologist, infectious disease, I had an MRI T1.5 and MRI T3 & I had about different blood tests but found nothing except vitamin B12 and D in lower rang, I took b12 shorts(injection) and also taking supplements for vitamin b12 and D from last 3 weeks and not its up but still not improvement on foggy ness in head.
I tried altering my diet entirely to vegan for weeks and all natural. I continued my workouts/meditation/relaxation. I tried sleeping even earlier. I almost sleep more the 8 hours, I tried all I could think of. I event changed my place where live.
I have scoured the message boards and found a few people suffering from the same, but without answers.
I used to drink every weekend with my friends to a certain limit which I used to even before. I stopped drinks from the time I started having this problem, I never involved in any activity related to drugs and I never smoke. Not involved in any extreme activities since I moved to London.

Please help me any inputs will be really appreciated, my daily life is getting affected with this problem.

Thank you very much in advance

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