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Ayyylmao 04-11-2019 11:11 PM

Bumps in mouth canít eat
Does anyone have any solutions, suggestions or know what is going on with my mouth?

Iím growing really impatient and desperate since the doctors donít know what it is thatís causing bumps on the roof and back of my mouth when I eat and then ďdisappearsĒ minutes after I discontinue eating. The bumps /pimples/redness comes when I eat like in between when Iím eating or afterwards which then stings and Iím forced to stop eating. One time it got really bad that it felt like the back of my mouth was swelling up and stung really badly.

The most itís taken for the bump/pimple to go down is 5-10 mins or even a couple of hours for extreme cases. This has been going on for almost 2 months now and Iím terrified to eat. Ive lost weight and minimized my eating. Sometimes pus will come out too from the bumps.

On Februaryís 27th, 2019 I weighed 106 pounds and Iím 17 years old, I had LPR when I was 12 since it was undiagnosed and it wasnít resolved until I was about 14. I have not since suffered from that and I am relatively healthy except I was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety (Iím seeking help from therapy and I have been taking antidepressants for 2 weeks now and itís manageable at the moment).

I hardly get sick like common colds or flus only like once every 3-5 years. A month ago, I went to the doctors and weighed 102 pounds. At first my doctor said it was harmless even though it has been persistent, then she said it was a viral infection and to use mouth wash, which I did; however, that wasnít really effective.

I also got checked for any STDs and got my mouth swabbed, since there were no present bumps; only when I eat, the doctors said that it was highly unlikely from an STD. I got my blood work done and pee to check for any STDs and nothing came up positive. I tried eating on different sides of my mouth and nothing seemed to work. I constantly have to check my mouth in the mirror every time I eat which became a bad habit and every time I eat I get anxiety which makes my general anxiety even worse.

Iím afraid of dying or choking if this goes untreated, but the doctors say itís not abnormal; however, this has been going on and causing me to have a great deal of anxiety and Iíve been losing weight. Now I weigh 96 pounds. I have lost 10 pounds in 2 months and Iím constantly worried.

I emailed my doctor again and made another appointment and she said I had oral allergy syndrome and that fruits might be causing it even though I have been eating tropical fruits throughout my life and have been fine. My symptoms arenít typical oral allergy symptoms too so it was weird. She prescribed me Zyrtec which I took for a week. The 8th day I took the medicine, I threw up from the medicine and I feel like my eating is so limited. She said if she canít find anything she will have to send me to a specialist and have an allergy test to see what types of food Iím allergic to which Iím weary about because I doubt itís food. She also said that the extreme case is surgery which I donít want to have to come to.

I feel miserable and that Iím wasting a lot of money and Iíve tried eating soft foods, bland foods and not too hot or too cold foods and followed everything but I feel hopeless which is causing my mental health to plummet so if anyone knows anything or have any solutions please help!

yayagirl 04-12-2019 09:02 AM

Re: Bumps in mouth canít eat
Dear Ayyylma,

Maybe you are having an allergic reaction to something environmental. It could be from anything even residue or the smell of dish soap that is used to clean the dishes or a new hair spray or perfume. I doubt it is directly from a food, but maybe it is.

One can develop a sensitivity reaction to just about anything. Even a cleaning spray or an air freshener. The air freshener or hair spray can get inside the mouth and nostrils. It happened to me when at a family member's home because they had begun using the plugin scents that send out little puffs of spray. I am very allergic to that and it made me choke. They stopped using them and aired out the house and there is no more problem.

Think through what has been different since this problem began. It could be from an herb or spice or perfume or hair spray; maybe it is something in your environment rather than in food.

Try not using your hair spray or herbs or salt or pepper for awhile. Let me know if that helps.

Titchou 04-12-2019 01:53 PM

Re: Bumps in mouth canít eat
It does sound allergy related. And you can become allergic to anything at any time no matter whether it ever bothered you before. Far more common than people realize. Do get the testing- environmental and food...and the skin scratch test is more definitive.

MSNik 04-13-2019 07:51 AM

Re: Bumps in mouth canít eat
To me it sounds allergy related. I would see an allergist- they can test you for common allergies in foods; its very possible something you are eating is causing this.

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