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  • Trying to diagnose my boyfriend and I think I'm onto something

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    Lightbulb Trying to diagnose my boyfriend and I think I'm onto something

    Hi All - This is my first post and I'm hoping someone can tell me I'm not crazy (lol). My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years. He is a 28 year old, active male who is also the most stubborn person I know. Which is why I'm being proactive in trying to figure out how to help him since he wont. Plus I'm also super curious!
    In the time I have known him, I have noticed a variety of symptoms, seemingly unrelated, that I have just recently put together (or so I think).

    1. He has horrible athletes foot which he has had on and off for years - since childhood. He was prescribed Lamisil for about 4 months in college and said that cured him for about 5 years. It has come back since then but returned very aggressively last year. His toe nails are yellow and his feet are itchy (way worse in summer). I believe this is due to an overgrowth in yeast.

    2. He also has bad breath. He has had this condition since I met him. No matter how well he takes care of his oral hygiene (which he does regularly) his bad breath still persists.

    3. Whenever he takes a shower, goes swimming at the beach or pool, or sweats excessively, a wide- spread, blotchy, red rash breaks out on his back. His dermatologist said this was a due to a fungal infection but that it was harmless. He has not sought treatment for this since it does not itch, ooze, become raised or cause discomfort in any way.

    4. He has had pain in his knee since I've known him as well. He claims it only happens when he's playing basketball, skiing, or any activity that requires heavy exertion on his knees. But I've noticed that even when he has not been overly active, his knee bothers him to the point where he can't get up from sitting on the floor, and there's absolutely no way he can stay in a crouching position at any point. He see's other people crouching and says "My knee's would be on fire if I did that!" every time. He could have a long-standing injury that he is unaware of but has never had an x-ray or MRI to prove it. I'm getting to my point momentarily so please stay with me!

    5. He is also extremely gassy. He is the type of person that doesn't get hungry until lunchtime but even before he eats or drinks anything, he burps constantly. We've literally had conversations where I ask "where does that come from?! What in your body could possibly be producing that right now when you've had nothing to eat or drink?

    6. His libido has been very low. Sometimes it's like he doesn't even remember sex exists. He say's it's just not a top priority for him. But I suspect his testosterone levels are off. Again, could be anything but I'm getting to a point very soon.

    7. He is constantly tired. I ask him how he's doing every morning and he says he's tired, even if he gets 12 hours of sound sleep.

    8. He gets headaches which I always thought was from his bad eating habits (not eating until 2pm or even sometimes not until dinner) and not always choosing the healthiest foods. But sometimes he gets them even when he does eat well. Headaches and fatigue are caused by a huge variety of things but its just 2 other symptoms I wanted to mention before I reveal what I think the root cause of all of this is.

    I have recently been researching probiotics for my own health issues. Since Probiotics and gut health in general effect basically everything in our bodies, I decided to see if there were any that helped with athletes foot/fungus. I came across the yeast infection Candida. I had never heard of it before but my research told me that Candida is the most common yeast infection that creates the kind of fungal growth my boyfriend has been experience under his toe nails. I started to do more research and found that an overgrowth of Candida in the gut can also lead to joint pain, specifically in hips and knees, headaches, fatigue, toe fungus, skin rashes, low libido, itchy feet, groin itching, and bad breath. HE HAS ALL OF THESE SYMPTOMS AND I NEED TO KNOW I'M NOT CRAZY! I urged him to start a Probiotic and he agreed once I brought all of these connections to light.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I completely in left field here? I know many of these symptoms could be related to a number of different issues but I really feel like an overgrowth of Candida is the root cause of most of them. Please let me know what you think!

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    Re: Trying to diagnose my boyfriend and I think I'm onto something

    Dear Elle,

    Hon, you are not crazy at all, but probiotics will not fix this.

    Probiotics are to replace digestive enzymes. They do not alter a body sugar imbalance. Kefir and probiotic drinks and most yogurts for instance, usually are so full of additional sugar that they are useless. Sugar is behind the fungus, excess gas, and low energy. Simple sugars and starches eat us alive.

    As we all know, we cannot fix other people, we can only fix ourselves. He has to want the change for himself. Getting on his case is never going to help. We can only decide for ourselves. But you can have a good talk with him, then be prepared to drop the subject and refuse to listen to his woes or problems that he causes himself. If we wants to change his condition he can let you know and then you can participate in working out with him or getting involved with physical activity, and not indulge in desserts around him.

    Candida is simply the result of too much body sugar. Those symptoms are from consuming too much sugar of any type, including simple carbohydrates, starches, sweets, desserts, breads, cereals, sodas, so-called sports drinks, and any kind of alcohol. This includes all artificial sweeteners. They are not health foods. Those substances are NOT body or health building nutrients.

    He can make his symptoms all go away by stopping the above 'foods' and also working out. Activity is the only thing that burns fat. The only solution is to stop the harmful substances and to get active, walking, running, working out & playing physical sports, etc. Swimming is a good way way to increase exercise without doing to much damage when he is out of shape.

    He is the one that has to change his diet and get proactive or this will never change.
    We can only fix our own selves.
    ~ YaYa ~

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    Re: Trying to diagnose my boyfriend and I think I'm onto something

    Everything does sound like an excess of yeast. Yeast is candida- same thing.
    Probiotics will NOT cure this...he needs to be on antifungals, which are only gotten from the doctor.

    Probiotics can HELP control gut health and help the body from producing yeast, but with what you describe in his feet and his breath- he is way past being able to control this with probiotics and needs to be treated. Once he is treated, adding probiotics to his diet might help reduce future yeast...

    Did you know this is contagious? Yeast infections and athletes foot are very contagious and you using the same bathroom floor and bathtub can give it to can also be transmitted sexually.

    You're going to have to get him to a doctor to get treated for excessive yeast before anything you can supplement with is going to make a difference. Sorry.
    RRMS- dx 05

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    Re: Trying to diagnose my boyfriend and I think I'm onto something

    yes it's yeast, but I had to laugh reading your post......he sounds like a dream.....stubborn, with athletes foot, gassy, bad breath, and low libido.....
    wow, you are a lucky lady!
    just about a blood test.....I'm wondering about diabetes

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