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eega07 09-13-2019 04:21 PM

Help!! Zoloft and Alcohol
I was recently prescribed Zoloft (Sertraline) 50mg. I have never been on any type of medication such as this before and I donʻt really know how it will be affecting me since the effects havenʻt kicked in yet (My doctor said it will take around 4 weeks).

I am currently in College, and while I donʻt go out to parties very often I am in a sorority and would like to be able to go out and drink with my friends every so often. I know youʻre not supposed to drink on this medication and youʻre also not supposed to skip doses, but I wanted to know how anyones reactions have been when mixing Zoloft and Alcohol.

PS. I will NOT be going out every week etc. but I just want to be prepared in case I do decide to go out. Thanks :)


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