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WWondering 10-08-2019 11:00 AM

ESBL E.coli

Hoping someone can answer this or help guide me in finding an answer. My husband has laser ablation of a renal stone in July 2019. He immediately became sick with fever, etc and was diagnosed with a E.coli, ESBL infection. He has never been infected with this bacteria before.

I asked the Urologist who performed the stone procedure how this happened. I asked if the surgery center's caths were appropriately cleaned. He said the bacteria came from inside the stone. This puzzled me. How could this virulent bacteria have come from inside a stone....yet he had never had this organism be diagnosed on any other infections he has had? The back story is my husband is immunocompromised. However, he was treated for 14 days with Ertapenam IM and seemed to be over it until now. He is hospitalized again for the same thing. He is very ill. But, it comes back to how did he get this in the first place. Is there anyone else like me who wants to know how this came to be? How does a person carry this bacteria in his body without it making him sick - I guess what I want to know is, how does it wind up INSIDE a stone without him ever being symptomatic? It would seem he would have needed to be sick at some point. Thanks

MSNik 10-08-2019 02:55 PM

Re: ESBL E.coli
Have you been checked for E.coli? As crazy as it sounds, you can be a carrier and not have symptoms. You an also reinfect a person who is treated from bathrooms, even towels and sheets if there is infection on them.

I know my father picked his up in the hospital- and came home fine, only to be reinfected by my stepmother who was cleaning the toilet without gloves and transferred the bacteria to him from unknowingly getting it on her clothing.

Its a nasty bug which is hard to fight.

I would speak to an infectious disease specialist about how it could have gotten into a stone because that doesn't sound right to me either. Can you make an appointment to speak with one? They would be your best bet on a superbug like E.coli.

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