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Wilkes1980 03-21-2020 01:11 PM


I see Dr. Crist also. Just complete 30 days of Doxy and my WBC's are 2.5, Lymphocytes 697 and Eosinophils 10. All low. He thinks I maybe need to see at hematologist, but with this coronovirus it may be a ways out to get appt. Dr. Crist wants me to start Clindaymycin and Quinine anyway and I am scared to do that. I have read the side effects of Quinine!! I diagnosed me with a tick-borne illness similar to Lymes. No test for babesius in MO so based on some clinical he wants me to start these new drugs. I am afraid my WBC's will get so low and I will have none to fight virus if I get it. He feels the lyme bacteria contributing to low WBC's.

Any guidance very much appreciated.


quincy 03-21-2020 10:09 PM

Re: Low WBC
Hydroxychloroquine has less serious side effects. He may have said quinine in the general sense, not the actual medication? What is written on your rx?


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