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Madeline120119 02-05-2021 06:08 PM

Symptoms i've been experiencing. Any advice?
Hello, I'm 14 and for the past few days I've been experiencing neck pain in the occipital region and a feeling of congestion in my head, behind my eye, and in my ear on the affected side, as well as twitching and a foggy feeling in my head. Currently, I am experiencing nausea. For a while, I have experienced painless surging sensations in the area of current pain and occasional night sweats. I have no previous medical history of serious infection, illness, or disease. I don't have a fever or anything, so my dad hasn't taken much concern. Still, I would like an answer or advice as I am quite concerned about my health.

Lasagna88 03-19-2021 06:29 AM

Re: Symptoms i've been experiencing. Any advice?
Hi Madeleine, I had exactly the same symptoms (without sweating). I came to doctor. Neurologist told me it's a matter of neck muscles which are blocked by sitting for a long time at a laptop. He told me to swimming (on my back), get some massages and stretching at the gym, and not to sit without moving for a long time. And check your position while sitting, do not "extend" the neck forward. Have you been to the doctor?

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