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Foodguy 02-26-2021 05:53 AM

Worried about ALS symptoms.
I really hesitated on sending this. I am 53 male. This all started in Oct 20 with a thumb twitch. I really don't want to seem paranoid. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this. I've been told this is anxiety caused.
I have passed 3 physical evaluations and a nerve conduction/ EMG in upper body and told nothing major was wrong with me.
That being the case if not major it is with no doubt something. I have actually been talking to an internest doctor who has taken a bunch of blood and I'm waiting on results. I hope it's some type toxin or vitamin deficiency but I'm not sure those would cause all my symptoms.
I am just running out of ideas on what it could be. I welcome any ideas or suggestions anyone might have. I'll list some of the things that's going on and see if you have any thoughts.

Ringing in ears throughout the day
Flutter sound in ears. (Like if you try and pop ears, or while swallowing with things like cereal)
Eye twitches bad after sneezing
Face Fasciculations
Muscle loss on face and head
Jaws get sore while eating
Lip twitches and fasciculations
Weird throat burps followed or preceded with silent burps. (Worse after eating)
Teeth chatter in the morn if I relax my jaws
At times feel like liquid is trying to go down my throat
Swallowing ok mostly.
Some last bites seem to hang
Neck muscles are sore
Clicking sound in mouth (mostly early morning)
Feelings of saliva dripping from right corner of mouth


Right side rib discomfort (randomly)
Lots of fasciculations everywhere
All joints pop and crack
Left shoulder in some positions feel like bone on bone and weak.
Finger and palm fasciculations
Sore back muscles
Waking up at night with feelings of whole body pulsing.
Some nights I have bad night sweats
Lots of muscle loss all sides
Wave like movements in muscles if put under stress


Lots of fasciculations
Wave like movement in muscles when put under stress
Toes cramp when bending them
Right ball of foot is sore
Muscle loss both sides
Knees slightly buckle at times
Walking down steps is a bit wobbly
I'm not really dropping things but I find that I so-call push things or don't pick them up at times
I can walk on heals and toes
One foot toe raises
I can balance one 1 leg
I can still do 40 push ups
(7 on finger tips)
Have good grip
I can take a small ball, and bounce it off wall from long distant and catch it every time

I was a very active person, exercised multiple times a week and loved to push myself. Always looking to do that little extra. It's just not like me to feel like this. I'm not able to work out much at all unless I am ready to be very fatigued the next day and ribs hurt much more.
I use to work out in the morn, work a 10 hour day and crossfit after that. Not anymore.
Thank you again for reading this and hope to come up with some resolution. I need to get back to normal if possible. I'm not sure about the rules on Fasciculations. I have tons all through the day but not constant. My main muscles are still strong but seems like the muscles that weightlifting don't hit are disappearing. It just seems if this was ALS based on muscle loss all over I would see some type failure by now. I appreciate any input anyone might have. Thank you.

Foodguy 03-05-2021 09:07 AM

Re: Worried about ALS symptoms.
I am back with another question if anyone can advise? After my last post I was ask by my Neuro Dr to come back in. He was concerned. They checked CK levels, did an EMG /NCS on left side, legs and arms. They said nothing suggested ALS or MS. Only said Carpal Tunnel in both hands.

I understand a clear EMG is great! He did notice muscle loss and some twitching during exam. I passed the physical exam. They told me to study FND.
All my symptoms before are still happening.

I am still strong besides very visible lost muscle mass. Left bicep feels floppy and jerky as does chest.

My question is, does anyone have advice on steps I can take to figure out what FND this might be or if anyone has experienced a FND that could steer me in the right direction on getting my health back?

Thank you very much for your consideration.

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