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Bcessna 04-12-2021 04:41 PM

Possible Tumor
I went to a sports medicine doctor for a quad injury suffered playing soccer. He diagnosed me with a strain but then asked if I had back pain. I explained that my back had been hurting for about 8 months and had been getting worse. He did some x rays and it showed scoliosis which I though was weird because I had been tested around a year ago and nothing showed. He ordered pt for the quad and SI joint dysfunction. However, the next day he called and said I probably need an mri after talking to an orthopedic surgeon but he would let us know for sure tomorrow. The next day he said he was consulting with a spinal surgeon and would let us know. Then he called us to schedule the mri. I looked in the online patient portal and it said I had functional scoliosis and that I needed an mri to check for a tumor. I was wondering what could’ve changed because he looked at my x rays and just said I had scoliosis. Do you think he saw something on the x ray when looking with the surgeons? Should I be worried that he’s already talking to two different surgeons? The mri is scheduled for a week from now: 4/19. Please let me know everyone’s thoughts. Be honest, I need the truth.

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