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LourensFER 09-21-2021 09:20 AM

Struggling to find diagnosis

My girlfriend has been struggling with her health ever since she had COVID in October of 2020. We've done so many tests and nothing seems to work, and there is no improvement yet.

Her details:
Predominantly Plant-Based diet
Allergic reactions to dairy
Been on antibiotics at least once a year since she was a teenager
Excessive urination (Between 8 and 15 times a day)
Elevated heart rate when exercising (+- 180 bpm for a slight jog)
Increased body heat (Always feeling hot, even in moderate temperatures)

Here's a few of the things we've learnt over the last year:
1. She has an allergic reaction to Alternaria alternata. Treatment for this has not yet delivered the results we expected or what the allergy specialist expected.
2. She had a skew septum, that has been adjusted.
3. Her turbinates were reduced in size because they were too large, along with the septum adjustment.
4. She had a severe allergic reaction when having aspirin for the headache and smelling sanitiser that contained salicylates. Eyes swelled up, but had no respiratory symptoms.
5. Asthma had returned after being gone for most of her life.

Morning Symptoms:
1. Excessive Mucus build up
2. Excessive coughing 10 minutes after waking up
3. Fuzzy sinus headache every morning
4. Sore throat every morning
5. Bloated stomach
6. Extremely tight chest (Has an inhaler for the asthma)

Mid-day Symptoms:
1. Fuzzy headache throughout the day
2. Extreme fatigue around 3pm every day

End-of-day Symptoms:
1. Headache increases to be unbearable.
2. Chest is worst this time of day

General Symptoms
1. Constant Post-nasal drip
2. Constant build up of mucus (probably because of the post-nasal)
3. Fatigue
4. Gets flu-like symptoms the next day when any hard physical exercise has been done
5. Any change in season starts a flu cycle.

Any help or advice with regards to this will be helpful.

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