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Miscarriage but..

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Old 11-09-2004, 05:42 PM   #1
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Chrissaay HB User
Miscarriage but..

I miscarried last month on the 10th (10th october 2004) I had never been for a scan before that time and I was fourteen weeks pregnant the day I miscarried.. after the miscarriage the bleeding carried on for about a week but wasn't that heavy towards the end.. About two weeks later I was laid in bed and I kept feeling a tight feeling then relaxed and then tight again then relaxed.. this wasnt in a pattern but it didn't hurt at all.. I'd never felt this feeling before and I was slightly concerned. I texted my boyfriends mum who had also had a miscarriage at fourteen weeks pregnant and she said I shudnt be getting anything like that and It sounded as though it was fetal movements.. the day after I went to see my nurse practioner.. she felt my abdomin and said that my uterus would be higher if I was having twins.. and that I should wait two weeks and return if my period hadn't ccome because it was expected 28 day's after my miscarriage.. It is now the 10th but although its a month later I was due to come on my period on sunday when it was four weeks later and I haven't yet come on.. It is now wednesday. A few things made me think that I was pregnant.. when I was at the hospital before I miscarried the doctor asked me if i was sure of my dates because I felt bigger than fourteen weeks.. I knew I was no futher on then that though. Also since my miscarriage I've put on weight rather than taken it off... since feeling the movement sensations in my belly I have only felt them a few times more.. now I'm confused at what I should do because I dont no whether to go back or to wait longer.

Theres other things thats happening too .. my boobs have gotten smaller again but when they started getting bigger they were really growing rapidly and were really hard too... When I sit up for longer than ten minuites the top of my belly hurts.. well aches.. and my back has started hurting me.. I have been sexually active since the miscarriage and not used contriception because I wanted to fall pregnant again but the thing is I would only be four weeks pregnant and I seem to be feeling different to i did the first time around... can someone help me

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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: Miscarriage but..

I am assuming that at some point after the miscarriage that someone?has done some PG testing on you again?have they done a pelvic exam/An ultrasound might hold some clues as to what is really going on here.Do you think you may still be PG?that is the tone i am getting from your post.You could have had an incomplete miscarriage where some tissue is still remaining in the uterus.If there is, it needs to come out with a DnC.Have they done one already?this is usually pretty standard practice after a miscarriag just to make sure that everything was expelled,espescially if things have not returned to normal.The relax and tightening that you felt sounds very much like contractions.This also leads me to think that maybe there still is tissue remainng that your body is trying to expell.does any of the medical people you saw think that you might still be pregnant?This whole episode is really being handled quite strangely.i would at the very least, run another PG test and ask for an ultrasound and a new pelvic exam just to make sure things are okay in there.Hope all works out for you.My sympathies on your loss.I have been there too.Marcia

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willsmommy HB User
Re: Miscarriage but..


I too had a miscarriage at 14 weeks, but it was handled very differently. I was given an ultrasound scan just before the miscarriage was complete to establish that the baby had died. Then the morning after the miscarriage scanned again to make sure the uterus was empty. The products (placenta, baby etc) are also sent away to look for signs of - what went wrong. Thats a simplistic version of events, buts its just to outline what happened to me. That said I lost the baby in the hospital and not at home, I guess that if it was at the 14 week mark you will have had an actual fetus/baby and not simply an extra heavy period style miscarriage. Again this depends if the fetus developed up until this point, as some women have a blighted ovum (sac and no baby) or the fetus dies weeks before but is not expelled until many weeks later, hence no baby to be seen.

As for the cramps/movement you describe, that may have been simply wind, or as you suggest a pregnancy. I think you should deff go and visit with your GP.

I also wanted to add that I lost my baby on the 28th Oct 03 and I like you felt still pregnant, the symptoms did not really go away, I still felt sick and nauseous. I did a home pregnancy test the following month around the 26th Nov 03 as I was so convinced that I was pregnant. It was positive. I called the hospital and they immediately said that I most likely was not pregnant (as there was no chance of a twin prego) and that I may have a slight bit of retained placenta. This would kid my body into thinking that I was still prego, hence the symptoms. They scheduled me for another ultrasound scan prior to performing a D&C. Well much to everyones surprise there was another fetal sack with the very beginnings of a petal pole (heart beat). I had concieved within days of losing my baby. I had a gorgeous healthy little baby boy in July04.

So what I am saying is make sure you take your folic acid! Right after a miscarriage I was told that my next cycle should come within the next 4 - 8 weeks, your hormone levels can be a little scew wiff, so perhaps that why you have not gotten your period just yet.

Alternatively like me you may be prego again.

Do let us know ho wyou get along, thinking of you, and sorry for your loss.

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Misty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB UserMisty800 HB User
Re: Miscarriage but..

Many years ago my mother had a miscarriage. She went to the doctor thinking she was still pregnant and he told her she had tumors and needed surgery. Later she went to a diagnostic hospital and they told her she was still pregnant and to go home and wait for the baby. She delivered an 11 lb. baby boy.

Yes, she was pregnant with twins, not identical, separate sacks. She lost one and carried the other which is unheard of as a rule, but, it does happen.

She did not have medical care at time of miscarriage.

Old 11-10-2004, 01:26 PM   #5
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dizzyone HB User
Re: Miscarriage but..

I would go back to see you doctor. I miscarried early on and it was not fully shed and I got an infection 2x because they should have acctually done a D &c on myself to make sure it was completely gone. They may be able to tell by blood work if you may be pregnant already or an exam may show if the level of you uterus has gone down back to normal again. I would see your doctor just to be safe. Sandra

Old 11-10-2004, 04:12 PM   #6
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Chrissaay HB User
Re: Miscarriage but..

After I miscarried I never had an ultra sound or a d n c.. the fotus had charactoristics of a baby.. facial features and stuff .. it was still described as "unidentifiable" though.. The nurses and doctors said i felt bigger than fourteen weeks but I knew I wasnt anymore then that.. I went to see the doctor bt they wudnt let me see him and gave me to a nurse practicioner who felt my stomach and told me to come bk in a cuple of weeks if I didnt have a period which I havent. I have also got even bigger than I was before the miscarriage and gained weight but I haven't been eating properly since.. I was never a big eater though.

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feelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB Userfeelbad HB User
Re: Miscarriage but..

You really have to get to see a real doc and be completely checked out,this does not seem right at all.i think there is something else going on in there.At the very least,they need to do a D&C.Marcia

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