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twizliz 01-03-2005 12:04 PM

could this be a hematoma?
It was really icy out last night, and I fell down really hard on my thigh (thank God it wasn't my shoulder!). At first I had a few scrapes (from the gravel) and the site was throbbing very bad. I woke up this morning and it is bruised in one spot, but about a half inch away from it, it is swollen about 1/2 inch and is about 4 inches in diameter and is a reddish-purple color. There is a small spot without a 'bruise' in the middle of it. Could this be a hematoma?

mudhound 01-03-2005 12:17 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
It sure sounds like one.

twizliz 01-03-2005 12:19 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Is there something I should do about it? I've been applying ice to it, as well as taking nabutone ( a prescription anti-inflamatory) which is for my shoulder, but figure it would help my leg as well.

Jenteal 01-03-2005 12:22 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Not sure if it is. The only 2 hematomas I ever had was in my mouth from the dentist. Same dentist and same side of mouth. My whole mouth swelled up. Started from my cheekbone over to my earlobe down under my chin by the lymph nodes and then teh rest of my cheek. The first one was that bad casue I went to the gym right after the dentist. I never gave the blood time to clot. Although in my defense I never knew I had one as I will still numb. I sure found out after I got home though. I ended up going to the Er that night cause I was in so much pain. It felt like there wasn't any more room for my skin to stretch but up it still did. They put me on Meperidine for a week.

Anyhoo mine was a hot to the touch like it had a fever in it. It was hard and really swollen from the blood that clotted and the blood that was still oozing. The second one was the same but alot smaller. Picture a kiwi cut in half long wayas and placed on your skin. Of course flesh color, hot to the touch and that was how my second was.

They Er doc said he could drain it but there was a chance of him in the process of draining it that I would get another from the hole he would be putting in So I popped thoses pills and toughed it out. I later found out that the pills were the next best thing to morphine.


twizliz 01-03-2005 12:30 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Yeah.. mine feels like it does have a fever in it like you said. It hurts really badly, and it's hard because it's on the back of my thigh, so it's painful to sit down. It is not oozing blood, but it is quite swollen. I'm just worried about it because I have to get an mri tomorrow on my shoulder (from a different incident---I was hit by a car). I hope that this won't affect it... or cause more pain... maybe I'll show the tech it while I'm there... lol

PS-I hope you got a different dentist! :)

Jenteal 01-03-2005 06:44 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Are you going in for a full mri or a partial one? I have always wanted a ful body scan. I watch to much Oprah I think LOL.. I need one for my hips. To many years at cocktailing in a casino has pushed my hips out of place which in turn comes the migraines and the knees clicking.
Anyhoo the nurse helping you with your MRI should be able to tell you better as she will be looking at it.

Hope things go well tomorrow!


EDIT: I was accepted to the LSUMD dental school. The students pratcie on people if they are accepted and pass all blood tests. There is a huge waiting list to get in as a patient there. The professor grades the final result for each student and each patient. I had no insurance at time.

twizliz 01-03-2005 07:33 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Partial.. just for my shoulder. I will definatly show the nurse or the tech the bruise...

Thanks so much for your help, you have been wonderful!!! :wave: :bouncing:

siren1024 01-03-2005 07:56 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Ugghhh. Sounds like one to me. I had one from a car accident on the inside of my right calf. I think the airbag and the spin (I was a passenger and we were broadsided) made me kick myself with my big clunky shoes.

Anyway, mine swelled and got warm. It sure hurt to walk. Then all the blood and fluid began draining down to my ankle and foot. My entire leg was really nasty before it started healing.

I got it checked out. They told me to keep it elevated as much as possible and to watch for red streaking, feverish spots, and a heavy lead leg that could indicate a blood clot. It just took time. A few months to heal really well.

Just a warning. It's tender to this day. I had some permanent vein damage and scarring. It's still slightly "knotty" under there and tender to pressure. And the accident was 3 years ago.

Take it easy and get checked out to rule out a clot!

feelbad 01-04-2005 05:10 AM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
I think i would stay away from any med that might cause the blood to thin such as the anti inflammitory that you are taking,at least for the first few days.You could cause more active bleeding inside the area of the hematoma.Taking this med before the slip is what is probably causing such a profound(bleeding/hematoma)bleeding reaction in the first place.If you can, switch to something that does not have blood thinning properties such as tylenol.I know it wont work as well as your current med but you don't want excessive bleeding to occur either.I really don't think that you have to worry too much about a possible blod clot at this point either.While still a very small possibility,your blood should be thin enough that it would not be as much of a concern to you as it would to someone who has not been taking any type of NSAID.I hope you feel better soon.Marcia

twizliz 01-04-2005 07:42 AM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Thank you for the advise, everyone. My mom had one about 15 years ago, and she said that it took years for hers to get better.

That is a good point about stopping the NSAID, but I am concerned with the fact that I take it for my shoulder and without it, my shoulder hurts really bad. I'm relieved to hear that the blood thinning side of the NSAID may help me in a way of avoiding a clot. That was a concern of mine since I am on birth control.

I have been icing it and keeping it elevated (which is no small feat since it is very close to my butt!). Today it actually looks worse, if that is possible. Yesterday it was a reddish color, but now it's more of a dark purple/maroon color. But like I had said earlier, I'm getting an mri today for my shoulder, so I will probably show it to the nurse or the tech that is there and see what they think.


siren1024 01-04-2005 08:52 AM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
You may be right about avoiding the clot b/c of the meds. They were mostly worried about mine because I was on BCP AND a smoker at the time of my hematoma. I hadn't been on any kind of medication, either.

feelbad 01-05-2005 05:26 AM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
This might just be the natural course of the bruising in the way they normally heal,or you could have possibly bled just a little bit more,at any rate, i would keep icing it and stay away from heat.Also i just wanted to mention that over the next few days, the bruising may look as if it is getting bigger to you,mostly at the bottom?But what really is probably happening is that gravity is taking over and kind of pulling it a little downward.Therefore the bruise may look bigger when it is just being more spread out over that area.You might see this more as the actual hematoma starts to loose the swollen appearance.If you really really feel that you just cannot stand the pain anymore and must take your regular med again, see if you can get by with just lowering your normal dosage like by half.I would talk with your docs office and see if he may want to rx you something else that is just as strong but without the blood thinning effects just for like maybe the next 5-7 days.He might even tell you that at this point, it might be safe to go back on your reg meds with no problem it really depends on the med it self.but if this should ever happen again(hopefully it wont?)hit the ice packs hard and let way up on the NSAIDs as soon as possible.with the type of med you are on, you just have to be very careful about certain also need to let any other docs or nurses who may have to do blood draws or any other invasive procedures on you that you are on this particular med so they can be prepared for a possibly long bleeding phase.Most procedures though, your doc will tell you to completely stop that med about a week or so before just to be on the safe side.Just use common sense.K?i hope things go well for you.Marcia

twizliz 01-05-2005 07:33 AM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Thanks for the help. I called my doc's office today and they asked a few questions about it and they want me to come in to have it checked out. I'm hoping she will give me something for the pain (both my shoulder and now my leg) that is not an NSAID.

siren1024 01-05-2005 10:18 AM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
Feelbad is right. My bleeding and fluid drained down into my foot and ankle before the hematoma began healing. It looked like my entire leg and foot was black and blue, but the ankle and foot didn't even hurt. It was just pooling blood. My foot and ankle swelled pretty bad b/c of the fluid, but it wasn't really painful. Just tight and puffy.

twizliz 01-05-2005 12:03 PM

Re: could this be a hematoma?
I went to the dr today and she said it wasn't anything to worry about. She explained about the bruise leaking down my leg and stuff... and also to apply heat and not ice...which surprised me.

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