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anne49 03-03-2005 06:31 PM

squeezing, pressure in brain while ASLEEP
I don't know if this is unusual - if it's possible to feel so much physical discomfort and sensation while asleep and dreaming or if it is somehow a physical problem that is manifesting itself only when I'm asleep - or lying horizontally for any period of time. I'm 49 and several times over the past few months have, in the midst of dreaming, had an extremely unpleasant sensation of pressure building in my head, then squeezing inside the head, this leads to feeling I'm about to die any second. The dream could be about anything - pleasant, fearful, doesn't seem to matter if I'm having a good time or not! - but the circumstances of the dream are all forgotten once the pressure starts up.

I also am having some trouble breathing at times as it feels like something is expanding in my throat - almost closing over - this happens during the day a few times a week, and my partner says I sound as if I'm gasping for breath while asleep. This possible sleep apnea has been going on for about 2 years and I did mention this to my doctor, but he didn't seem to think there was anything problematic about this, and even pooh poohed it a bit - even though I feel tired a lot of the time during the day, even when I've had a good night's sleep. I haven't been to see him about the sleep/brain connection though, as he probably thinks I'm a hypochondriac. :rolleyes:

I've put the forgetfulness, moodswings and general deterioration of intellectual ability (just not as sharp as I was) down to the sleepiness and probably the menopause but this latest brain squeezing while asleep thing is really worrying me.

If its just part of dreaming...ok...I don't like it but it won't kill me - but is it possible to experience so much physical sensation while asleep? I've never had that happen to me before.

I should also mention that I've been getting mild but definitely sharp pains (I hesitate to call them that, they are more 'sensations') in the heart region every day now for months. I don't think I'm having a heart attack but I just wonder if all this is related in some way. The heart feelings are enough to startle me slightly but not enough to wince, if you know what I mean!

any ideas on all this will be much appreciated. :wave:

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