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Jackswift 04-11-2005 06:28 PM

ways to improve circulation?
Hi all,

I have really bad circulation in my body, my hands are always freezing at school, my feet are too (but im not too concerned about that) and i have red elbows and kness from poor circulation (i think thats what cause red elbows and knees?)

I'm almost always cold, except when im in a nice, warm house with the heat turned up above average. The main problem is my hands though, they are really ugly and always cold.

I am very thin (around 5'11", 135 pounds) and pretty boney :(

How can i increase my circulation, or at least keep my body warmer?! Im trying to put on some muscle lately...would that help? its impossible for me to put on fat, im 18--my metabolism is faster than superman on speed-- thanks for any help

lietchi 04-12-2005 01:31 AM

Re: ways to improve circulation?
doing sports will improve your circulation, anything that gets your heart rate up...

Tesss 04-12-2005 04:14 AM

Re: ways to improve circulation?
Gingko Bilboa is reputed to be good for circulation , although I am a bit dubious about recommending them to you as you are only 18. Seek advice from a chemist or someone who can advise on suitability of herbal medicine while your body is still growing.

malibubarbie999 04-13-2005 02:29 PM

Re: ways to improve circulation?
I have the same problem w/ being cold all the time. Everyone's always telling me if I gained weight I wouldn't be so cold (I'm on the skinny-side too, 5'6" 102lbs), but I highly doubt that's all there is to it. For some reason, I just don't have very good circulation & I've noticed this even more since I began taking Adderall (an amphetamine drug used to treat ADHD) a year ago. It constricts your blood vessels, which naturally slows down circulation. My mom has the same prob (w/ being cold).

Fortunately, there are some things u can do to improve your circulation. The most obvious being exercise. Any type of physical activity (that gets your heart pumping) helps make your heart pump blood more efficiently & therefore, improves circulation. It may take awhile to notice the effects, but eventually u should see a difference. Also, are you eating right/drinking enough H2O? Cuz in order for your heart to do what it needs to do, you should be drinking at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day + getting proper amount of calcium & potassium in your diet. Maybe even consider taking a multivitamin if you're not already taking one. Also, for immediate relief of poor circulation, try massaging the area that's not getting enough blood flow. By doing this, blood will naturally flow to that area, improving circulation temporarily.

Hope my suggestions help. Remember -- you're not alone on this! Good luck!

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