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retrospective 04-23-2005 10:18 AM

quite concerned 17 yr old male-twitching in various area of the body
i realise that there are innumerable posts on this forum about similar concerns to mine, but as all symptoms are relevent to an individual i thought id see if anyone could help my particular case..

i am a 17 year old male who has suffered quite frequent twitches in various parts of my body for coming up to a year now. the seriousness of it remained on the same relatively low frequency as when i first experienced it, for a while. but this year ive been experiencing twitching more regularly than before and so im unable to just dismiss the situation.

generally i tend to find myself twitching when i am (even just slightly) uncomfortable (both physically uncomfortable in a supposedly relaxed position & uncomfortable in certain surroundings and in the company of others). also when i am very intoxicated with thc (weed) and sometimes alcohol. the twitching i experience could probably be noticible to others, in that it the individual twitches will move a part of my body momentarily (both legs sometimes, though usually just a single area of my body - foot/leg/arm/torso/hand). the twitches arent painful, just annoying and it becomes very difficult to relax completely unless im on my own (as the twitching is more regular in the company of others, that is not to say that i dont experience occasional twitches when im alone). the twitching is seemingly random, sometimes ill feel twitches in one area, followed almost immediately by one in another area and that followed by another in another area. or sometimes itll be every say.. 5 seconds in random areas for a random of period of time.. sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes hours). the twitches are completely involuntary, and often in a period when i try to stop them they get more frequent. eventually they subside, usually when i completely stop consciously thinking about them to any extent.

the following is a summary of aspects of my life that may be useful for determining the cause and remedy of my symptoms, if personal details are irrelavent for cases of twitching then feel free to skip the next paragraph...

i have drunk alcohol and smoked dope for a number of years, as well as munched the occasional mushroom and within the last 8 (or so) months have taken certain harder drugs such as ecstacy, acid, speed. i dont do any sports and may get too little exercise for, especially, a growing teenager. but i am not overweight, in fact im a slim, slightly toned person, and used to regularly play football (around 2 years ago). i eat regularly and have a considerably good diet (no macdonalds etc, pretty rounded meal every evening except in occasional circumstances). im not a shy person (or at least i wasnt; lately ive found myself feeling less confident as well as generally doubting myself. all this i attributed to the effects of teenage hormones and natural teenage mentality, but im beginning to worry that the way im feeling at the mo as a teenager will embed itself in my psyche, and growing into an adult i will retain this lack of confidence etc.. anyway thats not what wrote this post to discuss, thats just teenage angst) i was perhaps overly confident for a period of about 6 months over the course of the first half of last year, but with the ensuing drop in confidence combined with the increasing regularity of the twitches, i have experienced a loss in ability to maintain interesting conversation and all the usual things unconfident people dont have the self-belief to.. well, believe they can do. i think all this has affected my posture, and i have also more recently noticed on occasions, the twitching of the left-hand corner of my left eye.
i am quite a stressed person; i didnt enjoy much of secondary school, during which time i experienced a young persons version of depression, but then when i went to college (september 2003) i regained confidence. the first year and half of college, ignoring the natural teenage disposition for disliking the learning process and ones elders and teachers, it was pretty much an enjoyable time. more recently ive found it difficult to have motivation to work and have lost any interest in my subjects (as have all my friends), and that topped by the looming a-level exams, i have once again become very stressed with that area of my life.

i am becoming increasingly concerned as i feel if the twitching continues at this frequency it will be an embarassment sooner or later in certain physically close circumstances. also, its just the most annoying thing not being able to relax and enjoy myself at will!
its quite scary facing up to the fact that i might have a regular twitch for the rest of my life, and so i would really apreciate any help and advice anyone could suggest to relieve this grrr-ingly annoying phsyical defect. oh and i apologise for the length of this post!

rouge 04-27-2005 05:33 AM

Re: concerned 17 yr old male - twitching in various area of the body
The depression and negative feelings prob. stem from the drug use. Maybe try laying off the drugs a bit - they are not good for you. They mess with your brain cells. The social anxiety could stem from the fear and anxiety you are having from the twitches. I just read or heard somewhere that muscle twitching can occur because of a lack of potassium. Some of your twitching sounds like muscle twitching but I am not sure about the whole arm/leg ect.. Could be nurological, I would check with a nurologist. I don't think this is normal, so I don't think you would have to live with it your whole life. You should get it checked out. Drugs can mess with your brain so please think about stopping them. I know your young and in that experimenting stage but it is really not good for you.

Good luck and keep us posted :)

retrospective 04-27-2005 10:07 AM

Re: concerned 17 yr old male - twitching in various area of the body
thanks for the advice - its very much apreciated! as for the drugs.. well i havent taken anything hard since new yrs but i am addicted to dope.
having done some more research i think i may have benign fasciculation sydrome :( , im gunna start taking magnesium, zinc & potassium supplements and hope for the best. ive booked an appointment to see a doctor next tuesday and im just reeeaally hoping that this twitching can be controlled.
thanks again rouge for the reply, i just read your post, i really hope your slight shaking doesnt increase :)
if anyone else has any other information or ideas that may help again it would be really apreciated! thanks

dsblueyes65 04-27-2005 10:46 AM

Re: concerned 17 yr old male - twitching in various area of the body
I agree with the last reply, as hard as it is to see, the dope could be part of the twitches, maybe something is laced in the mix? Way back in the old days lol! I knew some guys who lived the hard life lets just say and a few of them went all the way and now live with severe some medical problems, and some of them have also died from drugs (not trying to scare you), your young enough yet. What I would really advise is get some blood work done, and probably its just a matter cutting out the dope and going back to a bit of a healthier lifestyle. Talk to your doctor about the dope. Good Luck and wishing you the best! :wave:

tingletoes 04-27-2005 01:13 PM

Re: concerned 17 yr old male - twitching in various area of the body
Hi, i am also new to this board. I'm sorry to hear about all of the things your going thru. I also have a son that is 17 and can be very influenced by the people he hangs out with, my son has had to cut off some relationships, because of drugs). This is a hard age, you want independance and your still trying to figure things out.
With drugs in your system, it would be hard to say exactly whats going on with your symptoms. I would suggest getting help with the drug addiction and dropping some of those people in your life that got you involved with the drugs.
Make an appointment with your doctor and tell him/her everything and your doc can lead you in the right direction. When your system is clean, then the doctors can figure out whats going on with the twitching. Take the first step, its your body and your gonna have it for the rest of your like.

Take care. Susie:)

WHY?? 05-05-2005 09:05 PM

Re: quite concerned 17 yr old male-twitching in various area of the body
Hey retrospective. I jsut want to say. I almost shot myself when u listed the drugs u have taken!!!!

Thats ur porblem right there man. U probably have a permanent disease. Even the slightest bit of shrooms, or acid can give u a major drug related disease. Please seek help. I want to hear from u.

BallroomBlitz 05-10-2005 04:43 PM

Re: quite concerned 17 yr old male-twitching in various area of the body
jesus...first of're using drugs. hard drugs. the drugs that can possibly kill you on the first try.

try being sober, and then see if the twitching stops.

you need help before this gets any worse.

retrospective 05-31-2005 05:14 AM

Re: quite concerned 17 yr old male-twitching in various area of the body

thanks for the replys, it may well be drug-related... but recently i had flu for a week, during which time i didnt twitch at all. i came to the conclusion that because i wasnt thinking about twitching, i didnt. once i got better i noticed that the only times i twitched were when i had a slight thought in my mind about twitching, at all other times when my mind was on other things... no twitching!

this is very strange but definitely better than before when i was constantly worrying about twitching and thus was regularly twitching.

i have notcied that when i drink i dont twitch unless i think about it, but when i smoke weed often i unconsciously think about it and so twitch somewhat more than when sober, that said, when i am stoned and preoccupied with other things... no twitching! so yeah its all very strange... i guess its gotta be a psychological thing... mebbe a strange part of the slipping of my self confidence.. i dunno, im hoping that eventually ill pretty much forget all about twitching and so wont at all. but if that doesnt happen i might consider seeing a psychologist to see if the twitching has deeper emotional or mental roots.

thanks again for the replies, but a little thing, i really dont think its possible to suffer a disease from dabbling in shrooms/xtc/speed etc. i agree acid is very dangerous (flashbacks etc) and dodgy e's are a worry, but im pretty much certain its just media and government scaremongering that instills the belief that all drugs have serious side effects. though i cant argue the fact that no drugs are beneficial to the human body and all have, to some degree, side effects

retrospective 05-31-2005 05:27 AM

Re: concerned 17 yr old male - twitching in various area of the body
thanks for all the replies, all very apreciated.

i think psuman98 has a very good point about the stress factor - when i was constantly worrying about twitching i was regularly doing so. but recently i had flu, and wasnt in any fit state to worry about twitching, so it didnt go through my mind. consequently i didnt twitch during the week i was ill. after i got better the only times i twitched was when i was thinking about twitching. its strange but it must actually be a psychological thing.

i dont think it is related to the weed, cuz although ive laid off it lately, i still twitch, but only when im thinking about it.

im hoping eventually ill stop thinking about twitching altogether and forget about the whole business, but if not im considering seeing a psychologist to see if it has deeper roots within my emotional psyche.

when i was regularly twitching (for a period of about 2 weeks, maybe more) it really effected me and destroyed my confidence (the prospect of never being able to completely relax again etc was very depressing) but thanks to some of the advice ive recieved here, and the belief i have now that it isnt a 'disease' i have, it is simply i a psychological thing, and to an extent can be controlled, im beginning to feel a lot happier... now to somehow try and pass my exams... and then i can go onto enjoy summer!

thanks again :)

WHY?? 05-31-2005 01:37 PM

Re: quite concerned 17 yr old male-twitching in various area of the body
I think you should stop the drugs all togethor, that pisses me off how ****ED up our society is if one person is doing all those drugs.

retrospective 06-08-2005 07:36 AM

Re: quite concerned 17 yr old male-twitching in various area of the body
thanks for your reply but i dont really get what youre saying.. if you mean you see my taking drugs as a sign of the terrible situation modern society is in... well for one theres many millions of people in the world who do a far wider variety of drugs far more regularly than i ever have (just think of the millions of peeps that go clubbing every weekend, with most poppin at least 1 e, or doing a few lines of coke or speed) not that im trying to justify my drug-taking, but i really dont see how it effects anyone or anything except for myself, secondly drugs have been taken since man accidently discovered the hallucinagenic properties of shrooms, and for centuries people took drugs such as opium etc without batting an eyelid, whereas nowadays these are all illegal. todays widespread drug usage does not reflect the state of society to any great extent, although it is true crime levels do have a link to drugs, but if drugs were legal & available from chemists the whole aspect of dealers, drug money and drug crime would be eliminated.
i think the fact that the most powerful nation on earth (of which a tiny percentage of its national wealth could be used to cure the aids epidemic in 3rd world countries & make 3rd world countries into inhabitable places with schools, water supplies, food supplies and eventually a thriving economy of its own) has a leader who insists on bombing and invading foreign countries, excusing the actions under a veil of lies, and the fact that it is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of iraqi's, and the deaths of millions of people throughout the ages (from vietnam to the atomic bombs to the wiping out native americans) goes to a far greater extent in reflecting the state of humanity & so-called civilisation than the use of drugs can & will ever do. Also the fact that he turns a blind eye to isreal's stockpile of nuclear weapons, when so many died for a fabrication of 'wmds' is far more indicative of the state of both national & social politics. and please dont tell me the aim of the invasion of iraq was to remove saddam hussein, when it was america who installed him as dictator anyway. oil was the reason. and the fact that coca-cola & mcdonalds (2 of the biggest & richest multinationals in the world) are contributing massively to the growing obesity problem, as well as the fact that coca-cola killed trade unionists in columbia, & mcdonalds steals & squanders the worlds resources while millions starve in 3rd world countries, just goes to show what a messed up world we live in, whereas drugs represent the desperateness to escape from the hardship & toil the masses live in all around the world.

anyway sorry that wasnt an attack on your comment, and this isnt the place for political debate. its just people are absolutely ignorant (not meant offensively) to the undeniable realities of the world we live in

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