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Bumps on throat and under chin

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derkym HB User
Bumps on throat and under chin

Hi, first off, thank you in advance for looking at this post. I realize that it is a ton of stuff to read, but it is somthing I would really like to have some resolution on. So if you help me or not, thanks for your time!

I'm 17 and mostly in good physical health...although one side of my family has hereditary high blood pressure, and the other side about everyone has arthritus or rheumatoid arthritus. Before I explain the bumps, ill give you background on some medical problems I have been having recently, because they might or might not be related, and im in the dark.

For as long as I can remember I have had severe anxiety problems. The problems didn't seem to be as bad when I was younger, but as I hit my teens it started to crescendo into a problem that took over my life [I quit all the sports I used to love and distanced myself from most of my friends...and mainly just stopped caring about things, because when I would I usually had severe negative reactions]. I was on and off of a few medicines over the years (none of them worked), and for the past few years I havn't been on any medicine at all, and have just tried to cope by trying to elimate the situations that elicit the worst reactions from my life. I know I should try to get on other medications, but it's very hard for me to talk about myself and my problems, especially to strangers in a face to face way. Now onto the problems I have been having recently...

About four or five months ago I was having this pain in my heart (not chest pain like heartburn pain, but an actual pulsating pain right where your heart is). Also, I started getting these severe cramps at seemingly random places in my body (my kidney area, my foot, my finger, etc...I thought it could be arthritus starting to effect me). Soon, my anxiety took over and I thought I was having a heart attack. I knew it was severely unlikely that at my age and weight that I would have a heart attack, but I had a few of the symptoms (definitely a feeling of impending doom), and when the pain persisted throughout the night I went to the hospital early in the morning. At the hospital, I had an ecg, chest x-rays, and blood tests, with everything turning out perfectly normal. The doctors basically told me I was fine and possibly had chest inflammation, which didnt explain much at all (especially not my cramps in other places of the body). They gave me aleve and told me to come back in a week or two if it persisted. Well, after that the pain persisted, with my heart hurting a few times a day for about thirty minutes to an hour. I started applying warm compresses when the pain showed up, and that would mostly stop the pain. The cramps persisted (independently of the heart pain) for a few weeks, and eventually stopped. However, my heart still hurts about once a day or so (its independent of strenuous activity, and breathing doesnt effect it at all, as far as I can tell). I havn't bothered to go back to the doctor because I figure its probably just somthing having to do with anxiety (although It seems to come at random regardless of how stressful im feeling). Also, the pain isn't that severe itself, it is just a nagging pain in a place that shouldn't hurt.

I have been dealing with the relatively rare heart pains with heat compress's and OTC pain pills, and the problem seems to be under control. fast forward to about two months ago...

When I woke up at stretched in the morning, I had this splitting pain in my head (it forced me to lose my balance and fall back in bed). However, the pain left as abruptly as it began, so I didnt think much about it, and I just didn't stretch that way again in the morning (stretching at other times of the day or exercise didn't cause the pain to return). During the day, I noticed this odd sensation in the back part of my head (it felt like more like a tingling pressure than pain) when I would get up or bend over. I asked my parents, and they said they had a similar sensation, and they think it is related to high blood pressure (my blood pressure is a little bit high, but still within the normal range). The tingling sensation still persists, however it seems to be diminishing, so I am not too worried about it. Now onto the reason for my post...

About a couple months or so ago, I noticed a small swelling in my lymph nodes, but since I wasn't feeling any worse than normal I figured it was just a minor infection so I didn't bother going to a doctor, and a few weeks later the swelling subsided [not sure if its related, just throwing it out there]. About a week ago, I was itching under my chin and noticed a bump under the skin. The bump is slightly to the left side and is close to where the chin and throat meet, and its probably the size of a dime (sorry, I dont know how to explain it better). I felt on the other side under my chin to see if there was another bump there as well, but there wasn't. After that, I started feeling around the area for more bumps (that arent lymph nodes) and found a smaller (about the size and shape of a pea) bump lower down, about at the top of my throat (again on the left side). I don't know how long I have had the bumps because they aren't visually appearant, and I just happened to touch and find them a week ago. Im assuming the bumps have only been there for a couple of weeks or so at most. They are not that hard, and don't really hurt at all (except for a minor cramp or two in the general area). My family seems to think it's nothing serious, but I usually irrationally expect the worse out of a situation, and im afraid the bumps might be somthing very serious. I was planning on going to the doctor in a week or so if the bumps persist or get bigger, but I would like some input if anyone has had similar symptoms or knows what the problem is.

Again, I don't think that any of these issues necessarily have anything to do with one another, but im not sure. I know I can be really irrational about my health and it may seem silly to some of you, but thats what anxiety does to me. Thank you again for reading this, and I look forward to any input you might have.

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terrienne HB User
Re: Bumps on throat and under chin

Hi !

Your post caught my eye this morning...., you sound mighty grown up,
to be 17, and your writing is very eloquent.
I am plenty old enough to be your Mom, so I guess these Motherly thoughts
kicked in !lol.

I wish I knew what to say. I wish I had a magic answer, however I really
do not have a clue, as to what your problems are. So, I wouldn't even
speculate, at this time.
I do think that perhaps, you may have more than one problem, don't you ?

So, based on my own experience, since you are talking about anxiety.......,
my best advice is to see your local GPDoctor, and express your feelings
as you just did. Maybe he/she can help you, or send you to a specialist,
someone who can help you with your anxiety.

You might want to check out the ' Anxiety ' message board, here.
Hopefully, you might find some answers, and find someone who has the same feelings, and be able to help you. I hope so.

Take Care, and keep me posted,

Wishing you well and happy days,
Gee Gee

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