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  • Need help might be sick from mold

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    Old 03-16-2006, 05:35 AM   #1
    Junior Member
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    charandray HB User
    Need help might be sick from mold


    I have been living in my apartment for almost 4 years now. When we moved there was a spot on the ceiling that has water damage, it was basically just a brown spot. They were supposed to fix it but never did. Now when it rains it sometimes leaks and we have mentionned it again but the landlord said that they were fixing it from the upstairs appartment. But it still leaks. I am 27 years old and I have been getting sick lately. Nausea, dizziness, fatigue, bowel probems, getting my period every 2 weeks. I have gone for some blood tests and I am waiting for my results. I really dont think that its from mold on our ceiling but my boyfriend is convinced that it is. Another symptom that I have is that I have memory loss, not severe memory loss but just enough to make me a little confused sometimes. I have an appointment with the doc this afternoon and I will mention that it may be mold. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Angela22F HB User
    Re: Need help might be sick from mold

    I lived in a similar situation for two years. The mold wasn't that bad on the exterior of the walls, but once it was ripped apart, it had infested everything, including the insulation.

    My advice, move as soon as you can. It is quite possible the mold is causing your symptoms. Mold toxicity will cause nausea, dizziness, fatigue, bowel probems and memory loss.

    If feasible, I would also take a swab of the mold to be tested to see what strains are present. Some are more toxic than others. If you know what kind it is, you can link it better.

    Do you have your correspondance withyour landlord in writing? Four years of complaining and nothing being done, that is not very good. I am pretty sure that breaches some landlord/tenant acts - that would also depend on where you live. You do have rights as a tenant though, and this is just not right.

    Your health is nothing to fool with. When you see your doc, ask for a complete blood work up, something should show in that - although, that is not always the case.

    But, as I said, MOVE! (I know easier said than done). But if you move, and start to feel better, then you know it was the mold. Some of the effects of the mold can cause irreversible damage to your system.

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    Angela22F HB User
    Re: Need help might be sick from mold

    If it is not feasible to move (which I know was not possible for me at first), is there some friends or family you could stay with for a week, or two? You wouldn't feel better right away, but after a few days, or a week, if your symptoms lessen, or you feel better, then you can attribute it back to the environment in the apt, and most likely the mold.

    Your landlord says he is fixing this from the upstairs apt, but that is not going to cut it. Mold has to be removed completely, that means the wall/ceiling infected cut out and then replaced. And besides, he obviously is not fixing it from upstairs as you still experience a leak. Your lanlord is very ignorant, and not only has placed you at risk, but the entire building, as mold will only grow and spread if not taken care of. Then he will have a larger problem on his hands.

    Speak out, keep complaining, and keep a log (paper trail) of each time you complained and what the landlords reaction was. And if need be, let him know you are doing this.

    Good Luck, and please, take my advice, and do something about it. I have permanent nerve damage done now, and cannot link it back, although I'm sure the mold was a deciding factor in my current situation.

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    Old 03-16-2006, 07:21 AM   #4
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    Jon7346 HB User
    Re: Need help might be sick from mold

    HI there, the other posters gave some great information. I would also look in your phone book and find a number to complain about your landlord. I would send him a certified letter that you suspect mold infestation from the leak and you want it tested. If he does not get it tested, you will do so yourself and send him the results. From that point take appropriate action to get your apartment fixed and any money you invested into it returned. If the mold is the cause of the problems you are suffering he should pay for any medical least. I dont know if you want to threaten him to that degree...but it might get him moving.
    Sometimes the mold isn't visible on your side of things, but above the ceiling it could be a mess. A person around the block from me had a leaky roof. They complained the landlord never fixed it. Everyone in their house was getting sick from it. Finally, the landlord paid 12,000 for some things that got damaged and being sick. They moved out.
    Here are symptoms of mold problems:respiratory problems, such as wheezing, and difficulty in breathing
    nasal and sinus congestion
    eyes-burning, watery, reddened, blurry vision, light sensitivity
    dry, hacking cough
    sore throat
    nose and throat irritation
    shortness of breath
    skin irritation
    central nervous system problems (constant headaches, memory problems, and mood changes)
    aches and pains
    possible fever

    It also says that testing mold can be very expensive and usually done by a contractor. Typically if there is a musty or earthy smell thats a good indication of mold. The ONLY way to fix it is to remove whats contaminated. SO! I think if you really suspect the ceiling- then you are going to either have to really threaten your landlord to look into it or pay $$ to have it tested and perhaps take him to small claims court to get that money back - assuming there is mold. Either way, I think sending him a certified letter of your complaint and then giving him a time frame to respond is the best route. I would also document times/dates of any phone calls/conversations/visits you have with him/her. Write down any promises made. I would contact the county there are services for renters who are victims of slumlords.

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    macKenzie1818 HB User
    Re: Need help might be sick from mold

    Yes short memory lapses are common for me due to my allergies to mold. I've been cleaning up a house with mold spores. As soon as I start working with the mold, I forget things. I've noticed a day when I don't work with the mold, my head feels clear. (the proof is when I'm doing crossword puzzles)

    As mentioned, have them tear down the ceiling and replace it. Make sure they clean up the mess. Or it'll get all over the apartment.

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