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jaboop35 03-21-2006 08:12 PM

Pain in Inner Thighs
Hey everyone -

didnt know where to post this so i posted here. over the past few weeks ive been having issues with urination frequency, which have subsided a bit recently. a couple days ago i noticed that my "groin area" seemed swollen. doesnt look too different, but feels swollen in certain areas. then ive also noticed that this morning when i woke up i have this pain in my inner thighs, that sometimes travels throughout my groin, or sometimes goes away. it doesnt look swollen or red or anything, but when i push on the area it feels slightly tender and i can feel this "grainy" material if i feel down fairly deep, almost like lymph nodes, but soft on them. first off, could they just be sore or something since i have been taking more walks than normal, and sitting in classes alot during the day. could i have some type of hidden infection, that could be causing these grainy things to swell a little and cause some pain. i was thinking it might be prostate issues but im only 20, so i dunno about that. im really freaked out that it could be some kind of cancer or something, though i heard that those dont usually feel painful, and they feel hard. im basically just freaking out about things. can anyone explain the inner thigh stuff or the genital "different feeling?"

id really appreciate some feedback. thanks for any help.

mehappy2 06-02-2006 10:54 PM

Re: Pain in Inner Thighs
I had prostatitis a couple of times and had one side of my inner upper thigh get puffy and tender. Other weird things too. Dont get too bugged out, wait for a few weeks and it should pass.

Rita Clare 06-04-2006 09:33 PM

Re: Pain in Inner Thighs
If you've ruled out the previous mentioned prostate causes (I'm not sure of your gender), and hip osteoarthritis, have a physical therapist check out the soft tissue of the adductors, referrred pain from the low back.
A doctor of Oriental medicine may have something to offer, too.
Rita Clare

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