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ellie40 06-12-2006 06:24 AM

Help with Test results
A few weeks ago I went in for my yearly physical and my Dr. decided to run some blood work. I am concerned because my WBC is below standard. Is this cause for worry? The Dr has reviewd all blood work and never contacted me about the CBC so I assume it's ok. Here are the values:

WBC 3.86 (4.00-10.50) this was flagged low
Neutrophils 65.9 (42.2-75.2)
Lymphocytes 25.8 (20.5-51.5)
Monocytes 5.8 (1.7-9.3)
Eosinophils 0.9 (0.0-6.0)
Basophils 1.6 (0.0-2.0)
RBC 4.86 (4.20-5.40)
Hemoglobin 15.3 (12.5-16.0)
Hematocrit 44.9 (37.0-47.0)
MCV 92.4 (83.0-98.0)
MCH 31.5 (26.0-33.0)
MCHC 34 (32-36)
RDW 12.0 (11.5-14.0)
Platelets 281 (150-450)

I had a CBC done last year and my WBC was 4.81, so it has gone down some. Should I be concerned? Also my glucose had come back slightly elevated (110) so she had me repeat the test- the repeat test was 94 (65-105) and Hemoglobin A1c came back @ 5.6 (4.2-5.8).She said the repeat tests are fine. I should also mention that lately I have been noticing I bruise more easily. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated! Thanks-

Kimlynn04 06-12-2006 10:34 AM

Re: Help with Test results
I don't think you have much need for concern. Your WBC (White Blood Cell count) is not that significantly low. I'm not sure how it works everywhere, but I am familiar with, if the result is not exactly in the given range, then it is marked high or low. If this is the case with the lab that did your tests, then even if your count was 3.99, it would have been marked low, even though it is only. 1/100th of a unit low. Also, another thing to consider, particularly about your BGL, is that almost every book you read will give you different ranges of normal. For example, I have been taught that theaverage BGL is 60-120. And don't forget, pay close attention to the last time you've eaten anything when you test your BGL. The more recent, the higher it will be. I'm sure sometimes after some of the things I eat mine is probably around 5 or 6 hundred! LOL Generally speaking, being just a little off is no cause for concern unless your doctor says otherwise. If you are not familiar with what each abbriviation is, maybe finding out about them will help you understand the tests better.
About the bruising- I happen to have the same problem sometimes. It actually comes and goes. Sometimes I bruise so easy that if my poor fiance tickles me the wrong way I look like I used to be battered LOL , and other times I don't bruise much at all. I'm not really sure why this is because it's never been so often that I felt I needed to have it checked. I do know that sometimes my iron is a little low. I also notice that when I am bruising easily that I also have cravings for red meat- something I don't eat very often simply because I don't prefer it. But I think the craving for a big juicy burger or steak is my body telling me to put so more iron or something back. Definately mention it to your doctor, but it shouldn't be a huge problem.
Good Luck!

DCC 06-17-2006 02:09 AM

Re: Help with Test results
You should not be concerned. Your H&H are fine. WBC is not abnormally low. Concern should be with high WBC which signals infection. Registered Nurse.

ellie40 06-18-2006 11:07 AM

Re: Help with Test results
Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it! It helped to put my mind at ease -Ellie

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