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growla 06-23-2006 03:20 PM

Child swollen cheek...why??
Looking for some help for my 4 year old daughter. About 7 months ago my daughter woke up one morning and the entire right side of her face was swollen. I took her to the doctor who put her in the hospital for 5 days giving her antibiotics, they were not sure of the reason but suspected a tooth problem. This was in Germany and they put her under and were thinking they were going to pull a tooth, they didnt. They couldnt figure out which tooth was the issue so the put a drain tube in at the top of her gum line. The swelling went down and we moved back to the states.

A few weeks ago she woke up and again the right side of her cheek was swollen again. She runs a low grade temp with this but is still in a good playful mood only complains that her cheek hurts a bit. I took her to the emergency room and they did a cat scan and said that she had a sinus infection. She has not had any runny nose/any other symptoms that would make me think of a sinus infection. Gave her antibiotcs again and the swelling went down.

Last week same thing, woke up swollen cheek on right side. I took her to the ENT who said he couldnt see anything that would be the problem other than the swelling, lets send her to the dentist.

Fine, went to see the dentist who took x-rays and does not believe this is tooth related.

So now this is 4 times since October that my daughter has had this swollen cheek and has been on antibiotics and no one can tell me why this keeps happening. I cant just keep her on antibiotics forever!! They are working on a referral for her to go see an allergist.

Any advice? Anyone with similar symptoms? Any help wold be appreciated.

Thank you,
worried momma

Mandarra 06-23-2006 07:11 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
Hello, I'm no doctor but look up angioedema, it's swelling for no apparent reason. I have lip swellings going on, mine are hive related. I hope you find the cause so that you can help her. Good luck.

wakkochic17 06-24-2006 11:58 AM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
the other thing to look up is problems with the salivary glands.. I had a salivary gland infection one time.. and the pain felt like it ran through my teeth, through my cheek, into my jaw and made my cheek swell up. It doesn't hurt to ask about it. It sounds like if the dentist is ruling out the teeth, and she's not having a toothache, I would look away from that option. you can have a sinus infection with mild pain and no drainage, but I'm not sure why it would cause the cheek to swell up..

growla 06-26-2006 10:42 AM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
Thanks for the info. I am taking her back to her doctor to have them run some blood tests and to see about the glands. So glad that there are boards like this out there when it seems like the doctors either dont care or dont have a clue. Any other ideas are greatly welcome!

Thanks again,

ms_mod 06-26-2006 02:01 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
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claflamme 06-26-2006 02:52 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
That's what I would have thought is her tooth. Because it has happened to me before. I had an abcessed tooth and the whole side of my face swelled up I mean I could even talk with out drooling. I was put on antibiotics and it went away. It has to be some sort of infection if it goes away with antibiotics. But I agree that she should be on so much with no diagnosis of the swelling. I hope you figure it out soon for your sake an your daughters.
Good Luck

Kszan 06-26-2006 04:12 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
Is it possible that it might be the mumps? I had the mumps when I was like, 10 or 11 years old and my doctor had no idea what it was. My Dad, who has no medical background but a lot of common sense, kept telling him it was the mumps but my doctor didn't believe him. Finally, after subjecting me to 10 blood tests of various kinds, my doctor came to the conclusion that I had the mumps. He was also a really big idiot which is why my Mom decided to dump his loser butt and get a real doc.

Anyway, it's just another idea for you to look into the possibility. I don't completely remember my symptoms except the swelling on one side of the face and some pain, probably a fever I'm sure, and that's all I remember. It was many years ago for me.

growla 06-26-2006 06:20 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
Shes had all of her shots including MMR. Can you still get mumps after vaccine?

Kszan 06-26-2006 06:35 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
Yes it's entirely possible. I'm living proof of that. I was completely up to date on all of my shots when I got the mumps.

Besides, if you read the news lately, there's apparently an epidemic of the mumps spreading around the country lately.

I'm just saying, it's a possibility and you should at least check it out. Do a search for the symptoms and see if it adds up to what is happening. And the next time you go to the doctor, ask if it's possible.

And if they tell you that she can't get the mumps after being vaccinated, tell the doc they are full of sh** because I had the mumps even after being vaccinated so I know it's true that it can happen.

growla 06-28-2006 01:31 PM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
She doesnt seem to have any of the other symptoms of mumps but will double check with the doctor at her next appointment.

I went through her dental records from when this happened the first time in October and it said something about a possible buccal space infection. So I have done some research on that and it sounds very close to what she might have. Anyone else ever hear of buccal space infection before?


kikicr 06-05-2008 10:59 AM

Re: Child swollen cheek...why??
Hi. What was the outcome of this?

I live in Ireland and my 5 year old complained 2 weeks ago of a toothache, we couldnt see anything wrong, she has a molar tooth coming and I thought the pain was probably related to this. She has had dental work done in the past (2 years ago).
That day,before going to bed I decided to floss her teeth in case the new tooth had put pressure on the other teeth and sometimes it helps to floss. But next morning she woke up with a swollen cheek. She was sent to hospital and put on IV antibiotics for 5 days, and then given 2 more antibiotics orally for 5 days. (today is the 5th day and her stomach cannot take anymore, she has vommited, no appetite and loose stools).
I have been to the dentist today, he saw the x-ray and thinks there is an infection in one of the tooth that has fillings. The reccomendation is extraction, which I am ok with, but the only way they do this in Ireland is under General Anaesthetic,and I dont think the procedure justifies the risk.

I am originally from Costa Rica and my daughter got all the dental work done in Costa Rica 2 years ago, because the only way they would have done it here was under GA.

We are travelling to Costa Rica next week, and I spoke to my daughter's dentist and she reckons the IV antibiotics and the oral ones will cover her until we arrive (next week). She doesnt agree with GA for a tooth extraction.

So,I would be very interested in knowing was the the outcome of your 4 year old when seems to have suffered the same.


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