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Always being sick is ruining my life! Please give adive:(

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Old 06-27-2006, 08:27 AM   #1
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sickandsad83 HB User
Always being sick is ruining my life! Please give adive:(

Hi everyone, I lurk these boards alot trying to find out whats wrong with me, so I decided to actually post and ask. Being sick is ruining my life, i cant work, I quit college when i only had less than a year to finish, and sleep at least 12 hours a night sometimes up to 18 hours a night. This is making me very depressed. Ok sorry for all the symptoms but I'm really feed up and confused.

My stomach has been hurting me very bad. The pain is about one inch under my belly button and goes down about 4 inches and out to each side about 4 inches. The pain feels like a stabbing pain, it literaly feels like someone jabbed a knife in me and is twisting it!It hurts very bad almost everytime i eat and this started about 9 months ago. Sometimes it will hurt alot less for 1 to 3 weeks then all a sudden it starts hurting again almost everytime i eat. Now it has got so bad that it sometimes hurts even when i dont eat. And this sounds gross but the only way it starts to fell better at all is it i go to the bathroom. That helps but then a few hours later it will hurt again And my stools are bright yellow (please dont be grossed out by me saying that) and there is this flat sting stuff in it. I hope it's not worms or part of my intestines! Im always sooooo bloated, i weigh 130 pounds but my stomach gets so big when i eat and i will look 5 to 6 months pregnant, it will be so bloated i cant even see my feet but if i dont eat for a day or 2 it's almost flat.

Now I have devloped other issues also:

Shocking feeling under my left breast - maybe it's just a muscle cramp.

Coughing up this thick white stuff all day long. It's so bad i cant even stop coughing it up for a few minutes so i can fall asleep at night but my throat doesn't hurt.

Red bump on the back wall of my throat, directly on the black wall behind my tounge. It looks like a small red pea. It doesn't cause any pain. I told my doctor about it and she looked really quick at it with the flash light thing and she said "people have many werid things in their throats" Which totally made me mad! I think that was her way of saying she didnt know what it was. I mean she's a nice person but she just finished medical school so maybe she doesn't have enough experience yet.

Holes behind my tonsils. I can almost stick the tip of my pinky fingure in the holes. They also have white stuff in them. They dont really hurt but i always get food stuck in them. I told my doctor but she didnt look at them

My tounge is always white. I have to brush it like crazy.

My throat always feels tight like i have a lump in it or something.

My breast hurt for about 2 to 3 weeks out of every month. The only time they dont hurt is when i have my period. It's most likely from pms but i didnt think people had pms 3 weeks out of the month.

Always thristy. I need a least 12 to 14 cups of water a day.

Big dark bags under my eyes but i have no winkles on the rest of my face. It's really odd. The bags started to show up about 4 months ago.

Tremors, i think that's what you call it. If im sitting on the computer, watching t.v etc, i will just start rocking back and forth for no reason. It's hard to explain, like i rock front to back in fast quick movements.

Dizzy spells. I've been getting them more each month. The last one i had, i couldn't even stand up. I thought if i laid down it would make it better but that only made me more dizzy. I felt like i had 12 beers. Like everything else was fine with me i was just so dizzy i couldnt stand or walk.

In feb. i went to the after hour doctor because bright red blood came out in the toliet. Then I went to my doctor a week later. They both did a urine test and they both said I had protein, blood, and bacteria in my urine. Neither one of them said why i had this stuff in my urine or what kind of bacteria it was. Oh and the first doctor (the one at the after hour place) did a pregancy test and then told me I might be pregnant (this was in feb.) The werid thing is I had my period when she told me this.Then when i went to my doctor a week later and she did another pregnancy test and said i wasnt pregnant. That worried me because i have heard that the only way you have HCG (the pregnancy hormone that the pregnany test detects) in your urine is if your pregnant, are on some kind of hormone thearphy drug, or have cervical or ovrian cancer.

Sometimes my stools are black looking and greasy and float. I have heard that means it's blood and your bleeding. AGAIN IM SORRY IF THAT GROSSES ANYONE OUT!

Attacks where i cant breath. I gets so bad i get light headed from it. I have use a paper bag when this happens but that only helps a little. This started about 2 months ago. It could be from ashma or aniexty.

Last few days i've been getting this tickling feeling on the lower inside part of my left breast that last a few minutes. it goes away then comes back about an hour or so later.

Ok that is all of my many symptoms. Sorry about the long post.

The doctor did blood work about 2 and a half months ago for my kidneys, blood sugar, throid, liver, complete blood count, pancrease, and H. pylori (stomach bacteria that causes ulcers) and all those tests came back normal. I guess these are just common tests.

Ok my question is does anyone have any idea what the heck is wrong with me??? Or can anyone think of anything I should ask my doctor, or any test I should have done? I'm open to any suggestions or ideas that anyone has!!! I have soooo many symptoms that i have no clue what could be wrong with me! All i can think of is thraot cancer, lung cancer, something with my heart, some stomach problem, some problem with my intestines, some nerve or brain disorder, some kind of genetic disorder, or ovrian cancer.

My family has had lung cancer, throat cancer, breast cancer, uclers, my mom had her galbladder removed, and all of my grandma's 3 sisters died from ovrian cancer in the early to middle twenties.

I'm also a smoker. I've smoked for 8 years and im 23 now. I'm going to try very hard to quit this week I'm also always weak and tired. I seriously feel like an 90 year old woman. I tried to walk the other day and could barely make it around the block because i felt like i was going to pass out. Also when i was about 14 years old and my dad was with me, I remmber going to this new doctor and she was asking use all these questions like just normal health questions, etc and i remmber she asked my dad if there was anything wrong with my birth and my dad told her yes and that he would tell her later when i left the room. Maybe I'm just being parinod but i thought that was very odd my dad would say that, so i just hope i dont have some genetic health issue that i dont know about that is causing me all of these issues.

All my doctor has done is some common blood tests. I just dont even know what to tell her. I have so many things wrong with me i dont even know where to start. Plus im afriad if i tell her all this stuff she will think im crazy or something. I mean i cant go see her and tell her to give me a EKG, CAT scan, MRI, more blood work, scope my stomach.

I just cant take being sick anymore, its making me really depressed. I just want to be healthy so i can finish school and have my life back.

Ok again sorry about the long post and thank you to anyone that has any advice. Please excuse my grammer and spelling mistakes, Im really tired.

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Old 06-27-2006, 10:28 AM   #2
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wakkochic17 HB User
Re: Always being sick is ruining my life! Please give adive:(

hey.. I know what you mean when it feels like you have 10 million things wrong with you.. you don't know what to ask about because you don't want the doctor to dismiss you as a hypochondriac.

A few things on your problems..

as for the breasts, sounds like it's from hormonal fluctuations. I wouldn't worry about it unless you find a lump or it becomes overly painful. I get those stabing pains on occassion as well, they can be scary, but I wouldn't get overly paniced about it. I have a feeling it's a nerve issue..

as for your throat.. it's not abnormal to have tonsils with large holes or pits in them.. the white stuff is food that gets stuck in it.. unless they get inflammed or infected, it's nothing to worry about. And that red pea sized thing, I wouldn't worry about that unless it gets larger or you start to have a chronic sore throat. And the "lump" in your throat may be from the coughing you've been doing..
And for the white toungue.. that is often from a fungal (yeast) infection. This could be happening from the digestive problems since if you are sick you may not be getting the proper nutrition. I would wait awhile and see if it returns to normal after being treated for the other stuff.

My advice is to go to the doctor and specifically focus on the abdominal pain and your digestive problems. The best bet is if they were to send you to a gastroenterologist. They can do the best job at determining what you have wrong. It sounds like something's going on in your intestines.. maybe IBS or something else. I wouldn't wait on those symptoms if they keep bothering you. Mention the drinking of the water, this may be related or they may want to test you for diabetes.
When you go to the doctor also ask about the cough, it may be that you just need some prescription strenght cough meds to kick it out of your system.

Hope you get better!

Old 06-27-2006, 11:49 AM   #3
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307cc HB User
Re: Always being sick is ruining my life! Please give adive:(

This post exasperated me totally !!

So many symptoms,. so little help !!

change your Doctor straight away, and insist on someone follwing all these symptoms up thoroughly.

Dont take any crap from the Doctors be insistant, and when you next visit , take a list of whats happened to you and make sure you mention you thought you had blood in your stools, that should not EVER be left .you REALLY need to follow that up.

Please go to the Doctor and get all of this checked out, you need answers, i would.

It may be something simple, but dont leave it to chance.

Good luck

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Willapp HB User
Re: Always being sick is ruining my life! Please give adive:(

Could the stomach pain be appendicitis? Have they checked that your appendix is ok? Leaving this could lead to peritinitis (sp?) which I believe can be extremely serious (your appendix bursts and fills your insides with all the nasty stuff that it collects). I'd get that checked out if you haven't already.

My sister had her appendix removed and I believe that started with acute stomach pains.

But I agree with the other posters, you NEED to see a good doctor and get yourself sorted!

Old 06-28-2006, 05:14 AM   #5
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Mission_Mom HB User
Re: Always being sick is ruining my life! Please give adive:(

I would take the breast first. If you feel a lump most often you are too late. Take it from me, I have a whole family with breast cancer. Pain and or numbness can be a sign of the cancer migrating to the lymphnodes, at least that is the experience of my family.

Get a mammogram done. If it is clear than great, but if I were you I would rather be safe than sorry. Too many women still die from undiagnosed breast cancer. There is no reason for it either.

Start with one thing at a time with your doctor. You should be able to at least get him to do a urinalysis and CBC without too many questions, and then should definitely ask for a mammogram. If you are under 40 just tell him about the pain in your breast and he will probably order on just to be safe, but if you are over 40 you should be getting one every year anyway.

Get all you basic physical stuff covered, and get copies of the bloodwork. I no longer trust my doctors to call me when things are off. Doctors are busy and don't always have time to follow through and often nurses misinterpret test result when calling you on them. Get copies and review yourself. I have caught many errors that way, and have brought them up to my doctor and he addresses them better now.

Well, I hope that has helped. I have to run, I have a physio/chem exam tonight.


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