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Hamilton92 03-25-2007 04:48 PM

Bump on roof of my mouth. What is this?
Something weird just happened to me and I am freaking out right now.
Inside my right ear started to itch really bad and then I got the same itchy feeling inside my mouth. I looked in the mirror and I have this tiny bump with a white head on it inside my mouth. Its on the roof of my mouth to the right, the same side my ear was itching.
I was just sitting watching tv, I had just eaten some mashed potatoes and drank a Sprite, nothing unusual that I haven't eaten before.
I freaked out and ran to the bathroom. I gargled a bunch of times with mouthwash and cleaned my ears, boiling them with peroxide and a qtip which seemed to lessen the itching some. The bump too seems to have decreased in size a bit but I can still feel it.
That is weird. When my ear was itching the bump was bigger and now that the itching has gone down so has the bump.
I am still itching in my ear and the roof of my mouth but not quite as badly.
I was scared that a bug had bitten me somehow on the roof of my mouth.
We have had a really bad ant problem with ants getting in our house and I thought maybe an ant had crawled on my food and bit me to cause this bump.
Because we can't seem to sit food down anywhere without ants invading it.
I am so paranoid I can't help it. This may sound stupid to you but I am so freaked out.
I have read that if you get bit in the mouth by an insect your throat will close up and you will die and nothing can be done. Its a phobia of mine to choke to death. Anything that has to do with my mouth or throat I panic.

feelbad 03-26-2007 05:54 AM

Re: Bump on roof of my mouth. What is this?
well then,mostly because of the symptoms,i would suggest a simple trip to your primary for an eval.when my son got a case of tonsillitis,he developed these little white head looking things on the roof of his mouth and his tonsils as well,have you noticed any other little bumps in the back of the throat?you could also have a mild ear infection as well or a swollen gland on that particular side of your any rate,a trip to the doc really would help to identify the real issues and definitely ease your mind.let me know how things go,K?i seriously don't think that what you have is an actual bug bite.they tend to leave a raised redness not what you have described.**

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