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chuck23796 05-03-2007 12:28 PM

Muscle Spasms/Knots
For about two years, I have had chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders (between my shoulder blades) and my right hip (piriformis muscle). I'm sure it's caused by sitting at a computer all day at work. The spasm in my hip mimics sciatica and the spasms in my shoulders cause me to jerk in my sleep. I been to my family doctor and a chiropractor trying to get relief. Both did xrays and said there is nothing abnormal and no signs of arthritis. I also had a sleep study done which came back normal. My doctor prescribed Valium which helps some but I don't want to take it everyday. I have tried taking magnesium and Vitamin B complex but haven't really notice any results. The most relief I have experienced is from a couple of massage treatments. The therapist worked extensively on the knots in my muscles. Afterwards, the pain stopped and I slept comfortably for a couple of days. Unfortunately, I can't afford a weekly massage. I have also tried stretching exercises which provide some temporary relief.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I am out of ideas.


boxerlover227 05-03-2007 12:47 PM

Re: Muscle Spasms/Knots
Hi Chuck~:wave:
I also suffer from trigger points and horrible tension headaches, with some dizziness. Go to the headache board at health boards and look for the post called Chronic Tension Headaches by boxerlover. There is a bunch of information on this post about this very subject. Mine are also felt between my shoulder blades as well as neck area. I have found using a tennis ball against a hard surface, meaning the floor or a wall, back of a chair really helps break the knots up!
The post I told you about I think you will find very helpful. You may need to search through it, there are 100 and something responses!!!
Good Luck I hope this helps. :) Boxerlover

alien7 05-03-2007 02:30 PM

Re: Muscle Spasms/Knots
I get muscle aches and cramps to from sitting at the computer all day. You need to exercise and move around a bit when you're not at work are you can really jack yourself up and you may want to take potassium supplements along with the magnesium for it to work right.

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