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custard 05-22-2007 05:24 AM

Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...

I've had swollen glands for 7 years now. After about 2 years I had tonisillitis for 2.5 years - finally had them taken out 3 years ago but I still have very swollen glands under my jaw and my underarm is very painful for the last 8 months. I also have constant ear ache (right side).
I'm sick of going to the doctors as one doc said there is nothing in my throat that can swell????? I'm no doc but I'm not hollow! the next doc never once looked at my throat during tonisilitis and just kept trying to give me tranquilizers (excuse the spelling - I'm in a rush as I'm at work).

The last doc I went to see said that it's because I shave my underarms????? so millions of women are having this problem? besides I use cream! :jester:

I'm now so exhausted and fed up. I've put on weight as I don't exercise now as I did before... I also get the 'it's because your overweight' but that doesn't explain why I had this when I was a size 10!? I joined a gym for a while but had to give it up as I keep getting sick.
Is there somewhere I can go and pay for a blood test or speak to a non-idiot?

Another problem I have is that I finally got an asthma inhaler last year (I think I've been asthmatic since I was 10) but the doc didn't really test me! I do find it helpful for exercise (the cough doesn't go to my chest and last for a week!) but I've heard that asthma means you can't breath out but mines the opposite I can't really breathe in! If I want to cough I really have to put a lot of effort in sucking in breath... I'm very weezy and I'm fed up with not being able to breathe in fully!

I want to get my health sorted but I'm in a limbo! I'm not a doctor and I dont' want to trawl the internet in order to become a hypocondriac (spelling???)
I would like to be taken seriously, this is really getting me down now.

thanks for any info

FromSqueaky 05-22-2007 10:19 AM

Re: Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...
I go to a local lab in my area that does tests for many companies and hospitals. You can walk in and get your blood tested at any time of the day and get your results back the next day. The also offer a card to carry in your wallet that has all your blood work results blood type and allergies to meds on in. It's good in case you every get in an accident.

For a level 3 blood profile, thyroid and progesterone it was $220.

If you look in the yellow pages under medical or lab's they should be listed. There are a few in my area but I go to US Bio Chem cause they are the cheapest. Plus they give you the card and do a EKG, eye and hearing test.

I did the creeping around the Internet thing to find out the tests I needed to check problems for. Then when I went into the lab I asked if there were packages that I could get with the tests I needed. The people at my lab are just nurses. There is a doctor on but but he is only there to run the tests not to answer questions about your health.

It could be your thyroid, hormones, if those come back negative I'd say it's a vitamin deficiency. My aunt had every test in the book done to her. They said it was bi polar then it was dementia and she was going to die. Took a simple blood test to find out she was b12 deficiency. Her body can not hold B12 so she must get the shots. Now she is so much better.

EDIT: I have swollen lymph nodes in my back and in my neck and someone on here suggested that I look up EBV cause it sounded like the symotoms I was having. Maybe you should look it up too.

custard 05-23-2007 03:38 AM

Re: Swollen Glands (7 Years) & can't breath...
Thanks for your response.
I'm not sure the UK have labs that you describe... I've never heard of anything like that.
I think it might be something like a vitamin deficiency as well! It' just annoying that I can't find out anything. I tried taking B vitamins but I didn't really notice anything. I always get told its depression and then bi-polar yet I my mood doesn't go up and down?! I wouldn't mind if they asked questions but they say this just after 2 minutes of me saying I have swollen glands - can't they do a health check first... I'm assuming most people are telepathic and see in others heads/bodies! I just want to get it sorted and I can have some energy / health back. I miss swimming everyday and the long walks I took. I prefer to be active and I'm not now which is another excuse for docs not to do anything. grrr... well, I'll have a look up B vitamins and EBV just to see what it says.
thanks for your help

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