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Staar80 05-24-2007 12:46 PM

anti-streptolysin O elevated.
any info on this? i have been struggling with a diagnosis for 10 months (fevers, swollen glands, oral/throat hyperplasia, weight loss of 40, then gain of 45 lbs, severe viral like illness, constant sore throats for months).

dr's are grasping at straws and have done a # of tests, to no avail.

this ASO test just came back today, with a result of 133 (ref range 10-116).

haven't talked to the dr. yet, just the nurse, and she said those levels are elevated after a strep infection...i had strep throat last in november...had tonsils removed in january, and ENT said i would not get strep throat anymore.

any info would be appreciated.

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