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gxcubed 06-03-2007 10:27 PM

Black Spot
Hi, this is not a very serious issue (at least I hope its not) but I have a freckle-sized dark black spot under the skin of my toe that seems to have just appeared. Anyways, it seems like its gotten slightly bigger in the past few days and I was wondering what it could be.

butrfligirl28 06-04-2007 08:20 AM

Re: Black Spot
This could be skin cancer. See a dermatologist to rule it out.

feelbad 06-04-2007 08:33 AM

Re: Black Spot
does it look like a blister type thing,like a possible blood blister(they can be sometimes very dark)?or does it look more like a flattened out mole looking thing?Butterfly is right,this does need to be looked at much more in depth by your doc.they can remove it right in his office and then send it out for biopsy.depending on just what shows up or doesn't would determine the next step.any time a black 'freckle' type thing just pops up,it really does need to be evaluated for possible skin cancer.i had this same thing happen right between my shoulder blades back in 2001,and lo and behold,after my doc removed it,it was indeed skin cancer,shocked the hell outta me since that area really does not get exposed to the sun much,but i guess that doesn't actually matter.just get this evaluated and a biopsy done just to be is not normal to have this type of thing just pop in out of nowhere.this mole i had that was cancerous was the only one on my back that was as black as this one,all my others,tho a bit dark,just did not look like this one.and its sudden appearance one day out of the blue kind of scared me.even my doc stated as he was removing it that he didn't think it actually appeared to be a cancerous type mole,but it just don't really know for certain what will or wont be a cancerous type of mole unless it gets removed and biopsied.luckily for me mine was only basal cell,which if you are going to get a skin cancer,this is the one you most cases they are pretty much contained to that mole and slightly out of the margins.just get it looked at and biopsied the sooner the better,espescially since you stated that it is getting bigger.please let us know what you find out,K?good luck,**

ticker 06-04-2007 05:48 PM

Re: Black Spot
Hi gxcubed. Is it a tick? It would get larger as it becomes engorged. If it is know the only proper way to remove it is with tweezers only by grasping the mouthparts and pulling straight back. Save the tick in a Ziploc bag, it can be tested for disease at IgeneX Lab in Palo Alto, CA.

Ticks can trasmit several diseases. It is important to remove it properly. Improper removal increases the risk of infection. Do not remove a tick with your fingers. Do not put any substance on it (Vaseline, alcohol, etc.) and do not burn it with a hot match. All these methods irritate the tick and it will regurgitate into your blood.

Let us know what you find out okay?

gxcubed 06-04-2007 10:34 PM

Re: Black Spot
It pretty much looks like a freckle... only black and under the translucent part of the skin. I can post a pic if youre not too grossed out by my toe. So you really think I should have this checked out? What type of skin cancer would it be?

feelbad 06-05-2007 07:33 AM

Re: Black Spot
i really DO think this at the very least,needs to be evaluated by your just don't know what or if any "spot' is actually cancerous or even the degree or type of cancer without the benefit of a that part would really be impossible to even begin to tell you,even with looking directly at have to have a biopsy in order to determine that or whether it even is any sort of cancer.the way you describe it tho,it really could be some sort of blood blister type of thing,but you just cannot be certain without an eval done on it by your doc.he or she would know the difference just by looking at it(as far as blister type thing or an actual mole type thing?)it just needs further evaluation just to be safe.if this is indeed some level of any cancer,the earlier it is excised the better.just make an appt with your primary as soon as possible to get this looked at.i do wish you lots of luck with this and hope it is nothing just has to be done.please keep us posted,K? **

gxcubed 06-06-2007 04:59 PM

Re: Black Spot
Umm I just picked at it with some tweezers and removed it. I know that sounds kind of gross but it was buried below the skin at the tip of my toe, where theres no nerves and almost no blood vessels, which was convenient. Does that eliminate the possibility of cancer?

feelbad 06-07-2007 05:41 AM

Re: Black Spot
anytime you suspect a possible skin cancer or need a sudden appearing mole type thing evaluated,you DO need to have a biopsy of the skin area on it,in it or under it,just to make certain that there are no cnacer cells.i really do think you should still have this area checked out just to be 100 percent certain it was not some form of skin cancer.just taking away the surface of this may not include anything that could have started to grow down into the deeper tissues.

tho what you described really sounded kind of iffy at best,and the fact that it was kind of under the actual skin surface,leads me to think that it could possibly have been more like a blood blister type thing vs an actual mole type thing(which is usually on the surface of the skin not under it).but i seriously wouldn't take any chances with this, just need to be certain,thats all.certain types of skin cancer can be very deadly,and other types not really a huge deal,you just have to be sure either way ya know?just make an appt with your doc and tell him what you told us and see what he wants to do for you.this just needs to be found out one way or another,if only for your peace of mind alone.or you WILL keep thinking about it and wondering,if you are anything like me.i would rather just want to know and put it to rest myself.hopefully it really was just a blister thing and nothing just cannot afford to take any chances with possible cancer cells floating around in your body anywhere.good luck and please let us know what you eventually find out,K? **

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