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    Old 08-06-2007, 01:52 PM   #1
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    Unhappy Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Hello everyone. I am a 23 year old female. I have been putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled since I was like 14, I finally saw the oral surgeon today. My two upper wisdoms will come out very easily, but my bottom two are still somewhat under the gum and are on their sides. He also said that they are really close to the nerve that if it is lying right up against it, could lead to some permanent numbness. I am still going to go through with this because I know I really need them out. I have a very small mouth, my 12 year molars didn't even come in correctly, so I know I have to do it.

    I guess my biggest fear is the anesthesia. I have never had any before, and it really makes me nervous. I talked to him today and he said that it's my choice, and that I can stay awake if I would like but completely numbed and on nitrous, or I can be put under. He said the whole thing will take a half hour, so I don't know. I guess I'm trying to figure out, should I go under? If anyone would like to share their experiences with me I woud really appreciate the help with this! Also, how was recovery? Thank you all =) I'm getting them done next wednesday 8-15 at 10:45am!

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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    I had all mine taken out. The top two were easy the other two were quite impacted. Plus one of mine was a little infected (I was also avoiding getting them out). I had the nitrous oxide and they gave me a mild intravenous sedative. I would DEFINITELY recommend it! I was really scared too. The nitrous oxide was a bit freaky but within a minute I was out and it didn't matter anymore. Really weird but at one point I could hear what was going on but didn't feel anything. After I was given Vicodin for pain. The first day or 2 wasn't bad but then I got dry socket!!!!!!!!! It was excruciating! It doesn't happen to everyone....guess I was just one of those lucky ones . If it needs to be done just do it. The pain will pass. Better to get it over with. If you have any more questions just ask. Good luck!


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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    I did the exact same thing-waited & waited.
    Just be sure they give you an IV to put you to sleep, it will be painless. Just when you get home stay on top of your meds for the first 24 hours! AND when you can rinse them rinse with that thing they'll give you. I PROMISE its not as bad as it sounds. Mine hurt me so bad for years, I have not had pain since the day they were pulled!!

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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Hey. About a year ago I had all four of my wisdom teeth cut out. Ill be honest with you, this was the first time I have ever had to do anything like this. The day I went, I was a bit nervous. I was put out for it. I would prefer getting put out. I dont think I would enjoy being up the whole time and having it "numb". If you would like to know what its like getting put out, here it goes: They put the needle into the top of your hand, like an IV. Then they hook the stuff up and all. They give a shot into the IV. They tell you, "Now in about 15 seconds, you will feel very tired. It is normal and everything is fine." I got my shot into the IV and counted to about 13. Started feeling tired. I was trying to fight it because I wanted to see if I can beat the time they was saying youd be out by. But around that time, you get very tired and I dont even remember passing out. After the surgery and recovey room. I was walked out to my dads truck by the nurse and my dad. I was having some balancing problems because I had just got up. I do remember part of walking from the surgery room to the recovery room. I had a few people escourting me because I couldnt walk and I kept wanting to fall to the ground (which is normal). All lin all, getting put out, is nothing to worry about or get scared of. As for getting home and stuff. In my opinion, the first day was the worst day period. About the third day I was immune to the little bit of pain that I still had. The pain didnt bother me. However, dont be active after the surgery. You need rest. I was outside on my 4th day because I was tired of laying down. It was about 92 degrees outside and really humid. Really wasnt a wise idea for me to go out and do my daily thing, it started to hurt. I only took 2 of the 30 vikoden es's (750mg)they prescribed to me. Its not as bad as people say it is. Anyways, sorry for writing the long message, but I really do enjoy telling people about getting my wisdom teeth cut out and the experience I had.

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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction


    Get put to sleep you do not want to be awake for the extraction. I had all four taken out at once the two on the bottom were impacted. I slept alot the first day but the pain was not to bad. I think it took four days before I started to eat food that I could chew. For me this was the worst part I was literally starving my the fourth day. Soup and jello are great but temperature comes into effect. Before I had them taken out I was constantly getting strep throat since then and it has been over ten years I have not had it once. Like I said get put to sleep, take the pain pills even if you don't think you need them (first couple of days), lots of ice to put on your face/jaw and room temperature soup and jello

    take care
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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    To avoid dry socket (I'm sure the oral surgeon will give you these directions but thought I'd mention = Do not drink through a straw, avoid smoking,
    rinse very, very gently - avoid excessive mouth rinsing - this is important because you do not want to dislodge the blood clot which forms and protects the area. The straw thing surprised me because I thought it would be just the opposite but remember do not use a straw. (My son had dry socket because he used a straw.)
    I think you'll be fine with a local especially if you have a little nitrous oxide with it or with the general. I've had extractions with just a local and no nitrous oxide and I was fine - as long as I'm numb I don't care what they do and they do keep you numb. So it's your choice. Some people like the general. Either way you'll be fine. Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.

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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Half an hour? Oooh, I doubt that. My dentist always underestimates. He'll say 2 hours, and the assistants will schedule for 3, and it'll end up being 3.5.

    I had mine out, and I've had numerous root canals, composites, new bridges, you name it, and I've never been put under or gassed. The most I ever did was take Valium because he said it'd make the painkiller last longer, but I didn't notice any effects. My dentist has this DVD thing with a headset, so at least I have something to do, although I can't hear it half the time with all the drills, and they knock the headset as they work. All in all, lots of fun.

    Of course, I don't have any fears of dentists, which is awesome because I need so much done. The cost of the work hurts me more than the work itself, heh.

    Anyway, if you're awake, you don't feel anything besides the general feeling like someone's yanking on your jaw, which they totally are. I mean, it doesn't hurt or anything, not with the local. I'm probably kind of warped because I like knowing what they're doing. And I like being able to hold them accountable for anything they say or do because hey, I'm aware of it all.

    After I had mine out, I drove home and hung out on the computer. You're not supposed to smoke, but I did, anyway. I never had a lot of pain, just a sort of ache. I was taking that drug that's steroids and Tylenol together, anyway, so that helped. I swelled a bit, enough that people commented, but I didn't even notice it myself until it was pointed out. Of course, you're stuck with soup and soft stuff for a little while, which isn't the end of the world, unless you're trying to go out to eat at work and can't find anything like that.

    Like in all things, life goes on. You can be terrified beforehand and all, but before you know it, you're home, and it's done. Reality is rarely as bad as we make it out to be in our minds.

    FYI, I've heard from people who've thrown up after being put under, and they had to be driven home and were all groggy and messed up for a while, so being knocked out doesn't sound like a total cake walk, either. It's not like you're going to be walking out of there in the same condition you were in when you walked in.

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