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sarahponari 09-07-2007 01:28 PM

What could it have been?
This morning i had an asthma attack(the 1st 1 in a long time) but when it was almost over i got pins and needles and numbness in my right side of my body, then my hand wouldnt move, my husband massaged it and it was really stiff, and after a few minutes i could move it again, although it is still a bit weak now, and so is the rest of my arm
I get migraines and have recently been to the doctors to tell them i have been getting tingling, and numbness in my right hand side for a while now on and off and i was told it was connected to my migraines
so i wanted to know, could it be something serious or do you think it was to do with either my migraines or asthma attack
hope someone can help

SentenceDoing 09-07-2007 03:34 PM

Re: What could it have been?
It could also be a type of seizure.

feelbad 09-07-2007 05:32 PM

Re: What could it have been?
do these episodes always follow an asthma attack or does the numbnes and tingling come and go at other times?do you get the migrane 'aura' before the headache sets in?is the headache always one sided?how do you rid or treat your migrane?have you even had any type of an MRI done on your brain and the c spine?if not,i really would(in light of the ongoing symptoms)ask your primary to refer you for a contrasted MRI done on your brain and c spine areas.these two areas would be the most likely areas that if something were not right,the types of symptomolgy you are exhibiting would result.they should just be evaluated fully with an MRI,with the contrast added to highlight mostly the vascular structures and other areas within the c spine that are just easier to make out when contrast is used vs it not being used.if this were me, this is what i would want done just need that good look into these areas if for nothing else,to rule them out so you can move onto other things.its just the best most logical place to start.seeing a neurologist or depending on the MRI results,a good neurosurgeon just for an evaluation would be a good idea too.but begin first with that MRI.hope there is nothing major really wrong here but if something is indeed going on,the sooner you know the better ya know?please keep me posted as to how things are going,K? **

sarahponari 09-08-2007 10:34 AM

Re: What could it have been?
hi thanks for the advice, as im in england i have to get my doctor to refer me to a neurologist(which isnt going to be easy as they arent very good and we will soon be changing doctors so fingers crossed we can find a better 1)
the numbness and tingling doesnt seem to come at certain times, i even mentioned this to the doctor when she said that its an aura for my migraines, as i dont even get a migraine after this happens(and never have) but she wouldnt listen and still insisted that was what it was, so i really dont think it is that
i havent ever had it happen this bad before, and i havent had an asthma attack before this 1 for a couple of years so i havent had this feeling from asthma attacks before
ive never had an mri done as the doctor has got it into her head its all to do with migraines and nothing else is causing it, the migraine is always on the right of my head(which is also where the numbness and tingling usually comes, but they dont seem to me to be connected, as in they never come around the same sort of time as each other)
i think im going to have to have another trip to the doctors on monday and see what they say this time and if they still insist its from my migraines i will hve to get a 2nd opinion

feelbad 09-09-2007 08:17 AM

Re: What could it have been?
sounds like a good appears this doc is very narrow minded and just isn't looking at the whole picture here.if these 'episodes" were actually followed up with the head pain only on one side,i would say that they most likely would be connected,but its not doing that.when i first started getting my migranes way back in the 70's(13 years old)i used to get this really freaky blocks of numbness that would start in my finger tips and then slowly work its way up my was absolutely crazy.i have not had that in a very very long time.but there can be some really off the wall types of "auras' pre headache.that much i do know.even getting an MRI done on your brain and c spine could show a possible issue that could be triggering this.but you have to also have a doc who is actually willing to listen and do things for you to try and come up with some answers or you get nowhere.if your doc wont listen to you,then by all means,see another who might be a bit better.some docs just think they know everything ya know?i realistically just cannot see your current one as being the type who is willing to test and rule out things.good luck with a new doc.i do think that is your best bet right now.please keep me posted,K? **

butrfligirl28 09-09-2007 02:48 PM

Re: What could it have been?
This sounds like a mini-stroke to me. I would get it checked out as soon as possible. Good Luck!

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